Papa Painguin

Papa Painguin as a Figurine.

Papa Painguin is a type of Tuck and is a member of the Snowmads, making it an enemy in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They seem to be an elite version of Painguin Tucks.


Papa Painguin is another Painguin Tuck with exactly the same size, striped pants, belt stuffed with feathers, and bandages on its flippers, only the Papa Painguin wears a Viking helmet like a Pointy Tuck and has a fish skeleton tail at the end of its complete dead fish spear.

Game Appearance and Strategy

Papa Painguins nearly have the same strategy as Painguin Tucks. When a Papa Painguin spots a Kong, it prepares it spear for attack and charges faster. Papa Painguins also protect themselves with their Viking helmets and their fish spear in front and from behind so it could counterattack. One way to defeat a Papa Painguin is to ground-pound near it to make it drop its spear, giving an opening to attack. Another way is by throwing a barrel or an enemy such as a Tuff Tuck. They can also be defeated by Cranky Kong by using his stick to bounce on Papa Painguin's helmet.