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Painguin Tuck is a larger size of a Tuck and an enemy in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is a member of an invading tribe known as the Snowmads.


A Painguin Tuck is a large penguin colored in blue with blonde eyebrows. It wears striped pants made with feathers and colored in aqua-green with shade and tint. It also carries a belt with a Snowmad insignia. The Painguin Tuck also wears bandages around its flippers and carries a custom spear made with a fish skeleton tied to a stick.

Game appearance and Strategy

In the game, Painguin Tucks roam in stages with their custom spears. When one spots a Kong, the Painguin Tuck sways its stick towards the Kongs in attempt to pursue. The Painguin Tuck can be defeated normally with a single jump, but not by rolling due to its spear in front. Unless a Kong ground-pounds confusing the bird and making it drop its spear.