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Our Love Is Stronger Than A Golden Banana is a song sung by Candy Kong and Donkey Kong in the DKC TV show.


Candy: When I see a smile on your hairy face, I know there's no other ape that could take your place.

DK: I can't believe you feel the way that you do, your love is like a dream come true.

Candy: You are the sunlight warming up my day, take my hand and everything's okay.

DK: I see bananas when I look in your eyes, I'd shower you with coconut cream pies.

A love like ours don't grow on trees,

Candy: Our love is like a summer breeze.

DK: Can't you see we're meant to be.

Both: Our love is stronger than a Golden Banana, our love is stronger than a Golden Banana, stronger than a Golden Banana.