ExitIsNearSign Orang-utan Gang ExitSign
World Vine Valley
Type Jungle
Theme DK Island Swing
Animal Buddies Expresso
Bonus Stages 5
Notable Features Introduction of Manky Kongs.
Enemies Encountered Manky Kongs, Klaptraps, Kritters, Zingers
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Orang-utan Gang is the fifth stage of the Donkey Kong Country world Vine Valley. This stage is the final jungle stage of Donkey Kong Country. It is the first stage that introduces Manky Kongs, enemy Kongs that throw barrels at Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Expresso is also another feature here who can fly over obstacles and helps the monkeys get through the stage. Alongside Manky, Kritters, Klaptraps and Zingers appear as enemies in the stage.



  • In some versions of the game, some of the overworld warps found on Kongo Jungle (activated by pressing B repeatedly whilst going along the paths with a corner) lead to being warped to the middle of this stage. A further glitch exists continuing from the overworld warp on this stage which leads to being warped to Manic Mincers after intricate manipulation of the game's VRAM.[1]


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