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The No Animal Sign is a sign found in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, and the Donkey Kong Land games. This sign prevents certain Animal Buddies from proceeding to the end of a stage. Players can finish the stage with their animal, but the animal does not carry on to later stages. They are likely added to the latter two games for the introduction of new ways to finish the stage.

In Donkey Kong 64, No Animal Signs do not appear; instead, they are replaced by an invisible force field that transforms the Animal Buddy back into the Kongs.


Animal Signs are often considered frustrating because Kongs cannot take their buddies where they could be useful in later stage segments. However, the signs are usually found near the end of a stage (with the extreme exception of the stage Animal Antics), and when crossed, the Animal Buddy turns into a prize depending on how difficult it is to get to that specific area. Prizes range from coins to Extra Life Balloons, and, in Parry's case, a Bonus Barrel.



Bonus Coin Static Items (excluding mostly Barrels) Bear Coin Static
General Animal TokenBananaBanana FairyBanana MedalBoss KeyCogCrestCrystal CoconutCrystal StarExtra Life BalloonGiant BananaGolden BalloonGolden BananaGolden FeatherHeadphonesK-O-N-G LettersPuzzle PieceRare OrbSupply CrateWatermelon
Coins Banana CoinBear CoinBonus CoinDK CoinKong TokenKremkoinNintendo CoinRareware CoinSilver Coin
Vehicles GyrocopterHot Air BalloonHover CraftMine CartMotor BoatRocket BarrelSkull CartTobogganTurbo Ski
Coconut ShooterCrateFeather BowGrape ShooterKannonballOrange GrenadePeanut PopgunPineapple LauncherTreasure ChestWatermelon Bomb
Shop Banana JuiceDK Barrel (DD, DX, CK & FK Barrels) • Heart BoostMap KeyRed BalloonSquawks the Parrot
Others Animal CrateEnd of Stage TargetHookKannonMelon CrateNo Animal SignRopeStage FlagTire
Miscellaneous Brothers Bear Items (Bowling BallMirror)