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The Nintendo Wii U is the 6th Nintendo Console to be released. Although it may seem like a remake of the Nintendo Wii, it has many differences. One major difference would be that the system could be played with a Game Pad. The Wii U console could be off, and the Game Pad would still be functional. If the Wii U is on, the Game Pad will still work, albeit would be two screens (the Game Pad's screen and the television screen). Currently, the only Donkey Kong game for the Wii U is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.



The Wii U console looks much like its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii. The only main difference is that the Wii U is on its side versus being upright. The Sync button on the Wii U is no longer hidden by a flap; it is out in the open.

Game Pad[]

The Wii U's Game Pad is equipped with a camera at the top of the Pad, two circle joysticks on both ends, a D-pad below the left joystick, a square of the buttons B, Y, X, and A, the + (start) and a - (select) buttons, a Home button, a Mic, a battery indicator, a TV Control button, and a Power button. There is also two "trigger" buttons on the Game Pad's shoulders.

List of Donkey Kong games released for Wii U[]

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