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The Ninjapes are a tribe of evil ninja monkeys from the game Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. They attack by throwing ninja stars at Donkey Kong if in range. If Donkey Kong tried to grab one, they disappear. They come in four colors, red, blue, green and black.

The Black Ninjapes are the first type encountered they will rush at Donkey Kong with katanas and jump high into the air and fling themselves at him they pause in midair giving him a chance to hit them with a Sound Wave Attack and defeat them.

Green Ninjapes keep their distance and mainly attack by throwing shurikens at Donkey Kong if he gets too close however they will back away from him but he can easily catch up to it and defeat it with the Sound Wave Attack.

Blue Ninjapes are common in levels that involve Donkey Kong using a Helibird to reach higher parts of the stage they attack by throwing shurikens and hide if he gets too close to it sometimes they assist a Tusk in boss battles.

Red Ninjapes are the least involve variant they can be seen hanging around cannons as well as sitting on top of Fire Pig Poppo or Kiba Pig Poppo and disappears if Donkey Kong gets too close.