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Ninja Kong
Ninja Kong

Residence(s) Durian Kingdom
Species Kong

Powers/Abilities Ninja abilities
Enemies Donkey Kong (formerly)
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Ninja Kong is a large burly Kong, and is the third Kong boss fought in the Durian Kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.


Ninja Kong is a large Kong, he has light purple hair that is tied in a pony tail, he black eyes with light orange eyelids and dark tan teeth (he has lost one tooth) and a go-ti on his chin, and has light purple fur and tan skin, he has dark purple arrows with yellow around them, in terms of size, he is about a size taller than Donkey Kong.

Boss battle[]

Ninja Kong is the ruler of the Durian Kingdom, which is the twelfth kingdom Donkey Kong ventures through. The battle takes place on top of a gray pillar that is in the dessert-like canyon, it's at night time and it's raining, Ninja Kong is one of the most physically powerful Kongs out of all Donkey Kong's enemies (second to only Sumo Kong himself), making the battle against him extremely difficult, he attacks in a similar way to both Dread Kong and Karate Kong, but Donkey Kong must punch at Ninja Kong, then avoid both the punch and the leg sweep attack in order to do damage to Ninja Kong, once Ninja Kong lose one-thirds of his health, he becomes more aggressive, the battle will remain the same, but only this time Ninja Kong now has a new lower leg sweep attack that comes after the high leg sweep attack, Donkey Kong now must avoid both the leg sweep and the lower leg sweep attack in that order for Donkey Kong to counter strike and do major damage on Ninja Kong, Nevertheless, Donkey Kong still managed to defeat him and ventured on to battle the evil Cactus King.

Ninja Kong later appears at the games ending ceremony where he, along with the other Kongs faced in the game, honor Donkey Kong's victory over the Ghastly King.


  • The name Ninja Kong is obviously derived from the term for a practitioner of ninjitsu, which is a type of martial arts, who is otherwise known as a ninja.