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ExitIsNearSign Necky Nutmare ExitSign
World(s) Chimp Caverns
Type Cave
Music Theme(s) Cave Dweller Concert (GBC)

Bonus Room(s) 1

Enemies Encountered Mini-Neckies, Krushas, Armies, Neckies
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color)

Necky Nutmare is a stage exclusive to the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country. It comes before Loopy Lights and is among the hardest stages in the game. This is the final cavern stage in the game.


First of all, Donkey and Diddy must defeat a Mini-Necky, then defeat a Krusha and Armies. Then the two must crawl under an area to find a rope in the other part of the stage. In order for the monkeys to cross the rope, they need to jump on a nearby Necky, then they will reach the next rope and bounce off the other Necky and the Kongs must try to reach the other rope to swing them back on land. They then need to pass a Krusha and crawl under some walls until reaching the Star Barrel.

After that, the two must cross a large abyss and jump on three Neckies to cross it. After that, there is a Necky heaving nuts at the primates. Afterwards, Donkey and Diddy can find a large abyss where they need to jump on some platforms to help them cross the giant abyss. Then then need to jump up on a few ledges. Many nuts are then being thrown at them by Neckies and they must be careful and dodge all of the nuts. Next, they need to cross an abyss by jumping on three Neckies reaching the stage's exit.


The bonus room is close to the beginning, there will be a ledge with an Oil Drum on top of it that spawns Armies, the bonus room barrel is to the left of it. By going on top of the Oil Drum, then roll to the left & jump the player would be able to reach it.

The green banana bunch is not hard to miss. It is close to a barrel, a Krusha and the star barrel.

The sticker photo is in a path that is right below where the green banana bunch is at, the path contain a lone Mini-Necky that will be tricky to defeat for there's not much jumping space. It's best use the barrel above as a shield to protect from Mini-Necky's nut then roll at it. After the Mini-Necky been taken care of the player need to use Donkey to hand slap where the Mini-Necky was at to obtain the buried sticker.



Necky Nutmare - Donkey Kong Country Game Boy Color (Perfect Run)