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My Finest Hour is a song sung by King K. Rool in the episode "From Zero to Hero", from the Donkey Kong Country animated series, as his Kritter minions hail him for successfully claiming of the Crystal Coconut while he relishes his victorious moment.


It's great to be a king! I seem to have a knack
For taking everything I want and giving nothing back
I'll take away your jellies; I'll take away your jams
Have a nice vacation when I take your travel plans!
Now that I have the power, this is my finest hour
Nothing on this Earth can stop me now!
Everything is mine! I finally have control!
Uh, excuse me, I hope I don't sound too droll
I'll take your color TVs, and a banana, if you please
And I'll put an end to this silly world peace!
Fools! While I watch you cower, this is my finest hour
Bait you on my hook, just like a worm!
Before I crush you like a bug, come over here and give me a hug
It gives me so much joy to watch you squirm!