クーブ Kūbu (japanese)="hiddenStructure" (possably robot)="hiddenStructure"
Mr. Dice

the little toy of chance
Full Name Mr.Dice
Aliases Mr. Dices (plural)

クーブ Kūbu (japanese)

Residence Frantic Factory
Family Krobot, Sir domino, toy monster, Mad jack
Species toy

(possably robot)

Sub-Species part of the toy monster
Gender N/A
Affiliates Kremlin krew
Powers/Abilities none
Enemies Kongs
Games Donkey kong 64
First Apppearance Donkey kong 64
Latest Appearance Donkey kong 64

Mr. Dice is a red dice block enemy who appears in Donkey Kong 64. It has yellow limbs and wears neon green shoes and gloves, or are his hand and feet. It also has two yellow dots for eyes.

Mr. Dice only appears in the Frantic Factory stage. Two Mr. Dices are found in the factory's "Testing Room", another one is battled by Chunky in his R&D puzzle room, and two more are battled by Diddy in his R&D puzzle room. The Toy Monster mini-boss is also composed of a Mr. Dice, among other enemies.

It is a fragile enemy, as it is defeated from a single hit.

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