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ExitIsNearSign Mole Patrol ExitSign
World(s) Cave
Type Rocket Barrel
Music Theme(s) Regal Railway, Mole Patrol
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces 5
Notable Feature(s) The level is a locked one. This level also features many Mole Guards enemies harrassing the Kongs, with the floating type variant released by a modified steam train.
Enemies Encountered Mole Guards
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns (2010)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (2013)

Mole Patrol is the twentieth-ninth level in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, as well as the fourth level in the Cave world of Donkey Kong Island. This level is unlocked by buying the Map Key from Cranky Kong's Shop in this world. It is preceded by Bombs Away and followed by Crowded Cavern.


It is one of rocket barrel levels in the world and contains many Mole Guards. Eventually Donkey and Diddy Kong will reach a mine cart track, in which a modified steam train will be riding on. Throughout the course of the level, it will send Mole Guards attached to balloons out. These mole menaces will try to hit you with their pickaxes but you can pop their balloons by flying through them.


At the beginning of level, the Kongs must go left to find the secret passage to a Bonus Room. There, the primates must use the moving platforms to collect all eighty bananas and two Banana Coins within thirty seconds and make the first Puzzle Piece to appear. After the Bonus Room, going straight right in the mines leads to a Rocket Barrel. When the barrel is fired up, it begins to fly towards some trails of bananas that lead above and under a few walls. Mole Guards enemies are on the rock ground below the Kongs and on the solid ceiling above them, jumping into their hiding places. After the primates ride over some water in a wide area, they come up to the letter "K" of the K-O-N-G Letters and another trail of six bananas. Collecting all trail reveals the second Puzzle Piece.

Eventually, the heroes are attacked by the Mole Guards, who begin to wave their pickaxes at them from higher areas and from on the rocky ceiling. After the Kongs pass a group of four consecutive Mole Guards, a train shoots out of a tunnel in the background. As the train catches up to the Kongs, Mole Guards attached to balloons attack them. They floats in the center of the screen while waving their pickaxe. Crystals hanging on the ceiling ahead also begin to fall on the Kongs, due to Mole Guards hitting them with their tools. When the group passes four of these fallen crystals through a narrow passage, two more Mole Guards suspended by balloons get in their way. After them is a trail of bananas leading above a few stone, tower-like structures. The letter "O" is above on of these rock towers. The Tutorial Pig follows this area on a raised piece of land, marking the checkpoint. Just after the checkpoint the Kongs must collect all six bananas in the trail to reveal the third Puzzle Piece.

The train from the background is in view again at this point. Two Mole Guards floating with balloons on their back attack the Kongs in a wide area. In the area after this, the train track begins to move into the foreground and loops around the Kongs. As the train rides over this, it drops more Mole Guards suspended by balloons, who wave their pickaxes at the primates. In this section, the primates must use the Rocket Barrel to hit all balloons holding up the four Mole Guards and reveal the fourth Puzzle Piece. Eventually, the train track ceases to loop around the Kongs. Right before this slightly above water is the letter "N". Collect the letter using good reaction to avoid the rock structures below. The train will drive into a large rock wall. The train grinds through the rock wall, creating a narrow path for it and the heroes' Rocket Barrel to travel through. When the Kongs finish following the train through the passage, it crashes. Crystals fall down ahead. The Kongs must ride between the crystal parts, coming up to the letter "G" on the way. After passing more four falling crystals that are placed close to each other, the Rocket Barrel explodes, while safely dropping the Kongs on a platform with the Slot Machine Barrel on it. Go past right the barrel and ground-pound nearby the plant close by the right wall to reveal the fifth and final Puzzle Piece. If the Kongs hit the Slot Machine Barrel, the level will be complete.


  • Mole Guard: 23 (15 "on foot" type & 8 floating type)


  • Banana Coins: 3 (counts 2 in the Bonus Room, does not count three or more consecutive jumps on enemies)
  • Extra Life Balloons: 1 (does not count eight or more consecutive jumps on enemies)

K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • K: In the middle of a trail of bananas under the third Mole Guard is the letter "K".
  • O: Between trails of bananas and just before the checkpoint, the letter "O" can be found floating in the middle of the screen above some rocks.
  • N: The letter "N" is immediately after the fourth Puzzle Piece at the bottom of the area. Good reaction is necessary to collect the letter and avoid the rocks below.
  • G: At the end of the level, after the train crashes and when crystals begin to fall, the letter "G" can be found in a higher part of the screen.

Puzzle Pieces[]

  • 1: At the beginning of the level, the Kongs must head left into a tunnel, which leads into a Bonus Room. In the room, they must maneuver around many moving platforms in order to collect eighty bananas and two Banana Coins. If everything is collected within thirty seconds, a Puzzle Piece appears.
  • 2: The primates must collect all six bananas in the trail surrounding the letter "K" and the second Puzzle Piece will be revealed.
  • 3: The heroes must collect all six bananas in the trail immediately after the checkpoint to reveal a Puzzle Piece.
  • 4: After the third Puzzle Piece and at the level section where the train loops around all of the Kongs, the heroes must use the Rocket Barrel to pop all four balloons holding up the Mole Guards and reveal the fourth Puzzle Piece.
  • 5: At the end of the level, the primates must go past the Slot Machine Barrel and ground-pound nearby a plant close by the right wall to reveal the final Puzzle Piece.


The puzzle of Mole Patrol is of a strawberry against a light green background. When all of the pieces are found, the Tiki Buzz artwork will be added to the Tiki Gallery of the Image Gallery in the Extras menu.

Time Attack Medals[]

  • Shiny Gold: 01:30.00
  • Gold: 01:31.00
  • Silver: 01:33.00 (01:32.00 in the Japanese version)
  • Bronze: 01:39.00 (01:34.00 in the Japanese version)