Max Da Mole

Mole Miner Max is the boss of the fourth world Cave in the game Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. He is possessed by Banjo Bottom and fights Donkey and Diddy Kong on his own train.


Max's train is a small, red one, with a big drill in front, and 5 carriages used for storing the stolen bananas. Max, himself, is a mole of giant size (twice as big as the other Moles), clearly making him the leader of the moles. He wears a hardhat like all the other moles and wears a miner's vest. Like the other moles, he throws pickaxes at Donkey and Diddy to try and hurt them.

 Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U

Mole Miner Max appears as a trophy.

Trophy Information

NA: The Mole Train travels through the Cave area. It's generally a hardworking train, but Banjo Tiki sends it speeding down the track. Chase after it using the separated carts, all while dodging the pickaxes thrown by the hypnotized Mole Miners. Defeat those critters when you get a chance!

PAL: Hypnotised by Banjo Bottom, Mole Miner Max and his workers use the Mole Train and its carts to move massive amounts of bananas around. When a tie-wearing gorilla shows up to put a stop to the Tiki Tak Tribe's plans, though, Banjo Bottom uses the train to try and escape. Whack those moles and take out Banjo Bottom!



  • When Max loses the battle, his further fate is unknown, though it could be possible that he fell off the cliff to his death.
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