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A Mole Miner throwing a pickaxe at Donkey Kong.

Mole Miners are enemies in the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. They are moles who assist and serve under Mole Miner Max, the Cave boss, in the level The Mole Train. In the boss level, they load mine carts with Donkey's and Diddy Kong's stolen banana hoard. They attack the Kongs during the first three phases of the boss fight by throwing pickaxes and bombs, and hiding and emerging from random mine carts to hit the heroes. If the primates take too long to defeat all Mole Miners emerging from mine carts, a second Mole Train, driven also by Mole Miners, will appear behind the five mine carts, destroy them one by one until defeat the Kongs instantly.



  • Mole Miners are also very similar to Mole Guards in appearance.