Donkey Kong Wiki
Homeland Strawberry Kingdom
Origin of Species Warthog

Enemies Donkey Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat

Mo-Hog is the ruler of Strawberry Kingdom, the second Hog boss and is overall the fifth boss fight of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.


Much like Rogue-Hog previously, Mo-Hog is a large boar-like creature with black hoves on both feet and hands, he has yellow bands around his arms, he has a set of horns on the side of his head, and tusk coming out of his mouth, he has light tan-es silver colored skin, a small tail in the rear, a white mohawk on his head and black eyes with pinkish red eyelids, in terms of size, he is ten times larger than Donkey Kong.

Boss Battle[]

The battle with Mo-Hog takes place on what appears to be the outside of the Spirit Tree. Mo-Hog will attack similarly to his brethren, he can launch out electric melons and will attack Donkey Kong with his front hoves if too close, Donkey Kong must clap at the Melons to discharge them of their electricity and then fire the melon back at the Hog to stun him, and do a punch down at Mo-Hog to do major damage, however, after being depleted of one-third of his HP, Mo-Hog will gain two new attacks, he will jump up to a high platform, and perform a new electric dash that homes in on Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong must avoid being in contact with Mo-Hog as he dash in close, or else he will get smacked in point-blank range by Mo-Hog's hoves, he can also charge up his electric melons and fire them straght at Donkey Kong in fast speeds, but as such, fight him the same way as Rogue-Hog.