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ExitIsNearSign Minky Mischief ExitSign
World(s) Primate Plains
Type Tree
Music Theme(s) Treetop Tumble

Bonus Room(s) 2

Enemies Encountered Nids, Sneeks, Minkeys, Buzzes, Bristles,
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Minky Mischief, (ミンキーのいたずら Minkī no Itazura in Japan), is the eighth stage in Donkey Kong Land III and the second in Primate Plains. It comes after Coral Quarrel but before Jetty Jitters.


This stage is the very first stage taking place on scaling up trees. Also, as the name implies, it features Minkies. This stage also features Nids, Sneeks, Buzzes, and Bristles. Squawks also appears for the first time. It is similar to Barrel Shield Bust-Up as there are shields to block attacks from the Minkies.

Collectibles and secrets[]


  • DK Coin: Just before the exit. Between the two trees at the very end, there are a couple of stray bananas. The Kongs should jump up to the left one, and an invisible Blast Barrel will appear, and launch the Kongs to the Koin. Here, collecting it is straightforward; the Kongs only need to throw it at the right wall and let it ricochet towards the Koin.

Bonus Areas[]

  • Just before the Star Barrel. There is a Buzz inside the tree which hints to it; the Kongs must fall from the left side of the tree. The Bonus Barrel is here. First the Kongs must jump on Nids to get up to the top, then collect twenty two stars in twenty seconds by descending outside the tree.
  • When using Squawks, there is a tree with a banana arrow pointing to the right, about halfway between the N and G. The arrow should be ignored, and Squawks should instead fly up, dodging three Buzzes. The Bonus Barrel is here, along with a Squawks barrel to replenish health. The bonus itself consists of a complicated maze where the Kongs have to find the Bonus Coin in forty seconds, along with a No Squawks sign at the beginning. The Kongs should start by climbing the first rope (dodging a Buzz in the process), then going all the right until they can no longer go in that direction (skipping the second rope). The Kongs should then drop down (making sure to avoid the Buzz). Next, they should go right onto the third rope and descend it. Finally, go left, and the Bonus Coin will be here. (It is possible to drop down the pit by accident while collecting the coin, but it will still count regardless.) After leaving the bonus stage, the Kongs will transform into Squawks once again.


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