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Tiny barrel

Tiny entering her Mini Monkey barrel in Angry Aztec

Mini Monkey is Tiny Kong's signature ability in Donkey Kong 64. By entering a barrel with her face on it, she will shrink greatly as long as her Crystal Coconut stock lasts, enabling her to access areas otherwise too small to reach.

In eight of the nine areas of the game, at least one of Tiny's Golden Bananas requires this ability to reach. Additionally, it is the only way to enter Banana Fairy Island and obtain both the Banana Fairy Queen's magical camera to capture Banana Fairies and the Kongs' shockwave attack. Hideout Helm also requires this ability to reach the Blast-O-Matic's supercomputer.

Tiny also uses this ability in the final battle against King Krusha K. Rool; when the Kremling Kin is clutching his sore bottom, the barrel will appear in the middle of the arena, and using it will allow her to enter his left shoe and use her Feather Bow to tickle torture his toes.

This is the only power-up out of all the Kongs that will not revert the Kong back to normal if used outside of its boundaries.