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ExitIsNearSign Millstone Mayhem ExitSign
DKC - MillstoneMayhem
World Monkey Mines
Type Ancient Temple
Theme(s) Voices of the Temple
Animal Buddies Winky
Bonus Room(s) 3
Notable Feature(s) First appearance of Millstone Gnawtys
First appearance of a Donkey-specific Warp Barrel
Enemies Encountered Krushas, Millstone Gnawtys, Kritters, Zingers, Slippas, Neckies
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country
Millstone Mayhem is the fifth stage in Monkey Mines appearing in the game Donkey Kong Country. It comes after Stop & Go Station and before the boss battle with Master Necky.


Collectibles and Secrets



  • If a Krusha is lured at the beginning of the stage to the entrance door and the main character is Diddy, they can proceed to jump along the entrance door onto the Krusha and aim right which if done correctly will cause Diddy to repeatedly bounce off the Krusha and they will eventually begin to start acquiring lives.
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