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In the episode "The Big Switch-a-Roo", when Diddy Kong realizes that Donkey Kong's brain is inside the body of Bluster Kong's robot, they both sing "Metal Head".


Is there something you should tell me, big buddy?

Are you aware of the glare from the sun shining off of your hair?


I don't know what you mean, it's just a healthy sheen.

I must admit I feel a little strange,

But I've never felt better, I'm stronger than ever,

Can't you see nothing's changed?


I don't know how to tell you, metal buddy,

But you look just like a solar-powered turbo-charged washing machine.


I'm not light on my feet, now I clank and I squeak,

But my voice is the same when I speak.

My hands look like aluminum foil.

Does this mean that I need a tune-up and a change of oil?

I'm a metal head, a metal head, a metal head, a metal head

I'm a metal head, a metal head, a metal head, a METAL HEAD!