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  • I am /facepalming a little too much...
  • Bio Blizzard games addict, especially WoW, Hearthstone, HotS, and Overwatch
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  • Hello again,

    I just stumbled upon this thread on Bullet Francisco's wall, and I was wondering if you were still offering to have the Donkey Kong Wiki community be included.  Since the thread is over a year old, I guess that the "New gaming footers" aren't so new anymore; nonetheless, could Donkey Kong Wiki be included?



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  • Hi Raylan13,

    I was just editing our main page, and after I published my edit, some of the templates didn't stick to to the right side of the page.  I saw that you fixed this a couple of months ago, and I did the same today (as well as many previous times, as you can see from the history), but it didn't work.  

    I even viewed the difference between your edit that fixed the issue and my edit that messed it up, copying your wikitext in place of mine.  I copied the </div>s that you added in your edit onto mine, basically.

    Could you explain why this is happenening and how to fix it?  As of right now, whenever I try to publish an edit (it doesn't matter if I edited the </div>s or not) the templates shift to the center.

    Thanks and sorry for the troubles,


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