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Map Melon Kingdom Map
Melon kingdom
Boss(es) Bloat-Hog
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The Melon Kingdom is the eleventh kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. The kingdom is located in a cavern of ice and a haunted swamp. The Melon Kingdom can be accessed by completing the first eight kingdoms and collecting sixteen or more Crests. The Melon Kingdom is the dominion of Bloat-Hog.


Iguanagon's Realm[]

Iguanagon's Realm is the first stage of the Melon Kingdom. The stage takes place mostly in an icy cavern. Donkey Kong must complete the entire stage riding on Hoofer's back. If Hoofer came in contact with anything, his speed would drop. Some areas require a high speed to be jumped to. Rocs try to stop Donkey Kong by dropping objects on him. In the middle of the stage Donkey Kong encountered Iguanagon for a second time. Donkey Kong does not have to beat Iguanagon to complete to stage.

Banshee Swamp[]

Banshee Swamp is the final stage of the Melon Kingdom. The stage takes place in a haunted swamp. Spirits followed Donkey Kong as he traveled through the stage. At the end of the stage, Donkey Kong encounters a Roc, who he must defeat to complete the stage.