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200 Bananas yellow glitch - dk64
Banana colour

In Donkey Kong 64, it is possible to increase the number of Colored Bananas with the Glitch Copy Bananas, even though the number of Colored Bananas cannot increase more than the number 100, however, if you feed Scoff your current amount of Bananas, Your counter will return to 0, when you pause, you will see that your previous amount of Colored Bananas has not disappeared. Which means that if you feed Scoff 100 Bananas of the same color, you may be able to get 200.

You can feed more than 127 bananas of the same color to Scoff. At first nothing unusual will happen, but once you save and restart the game, you will find that you have lost 128 bananas (or 256 if you gave him more than 255 bananas). The banana counter on the boss door will change accordingly, so if it was unlocked, it will be locked again. The number of bananas fed to Scoff (per kong and level) is stored on the cartridge as a 7 bit integer, so once it exceeds 127, it will overflow to 0. It can be greater than 127 in the memory, but only the last 7 bits are saved. After a file data transfer, you won't have any banana medals even with 75+ bananas. On the pause menu, any non-grayed out medal with no checkmark means you have 75+ bananas but not the medal. In order to get those medals back, you need to lower your banana count via overflow and collect the 75th banana again. This means that you can only have a maximum of 227 Bananas of the same color registered. However, the maximum recommended amount of Bananas of the same color is 174, to prevent permanently losing the Banana Medal. There is also another method to extend your number of Bananas, using the Intro Story Glitch when feeding Scoff. The number on the boss door won't change though, so you can turn in 5 or 6 more bananas than usual. Once you reload your file, the boss door number is recomputed; e.g. 60 - 64 = -4. If the result is 0 or lower, the door will be open. During the banana transfer, the game compares the total number of bananas given to Troff 'n' Scoff to the total number of bananas required to open the boss door. Whenever the former is greater or equal, DK stops throwing bananas. However, since the number on the door is still greater than 0, the cutscene immediately starts over. It is necessary to fill Scoff so that the extra Bananas are saved, since if you do not fill it, when you restart, there will be no Extra Bananas.

This would be the maximum total of Banana Colors per level recomended with this Glitch, +6 Extra Bananas are added.

Jungle Japes – 60 Bananas + 6 Extra Bananas + 500 Banana Colors = 566 Total

Angry Aztec – 120 Bananas + 6 Extra Bananas + 500 Banana Colors = 626 Total

Frantic Factory – 200 Bananas + 6 Extra Bananas + 500 Banana Colors = 706 Total

Gloomy Galleon – 250 Bananas + 6 Extra Bananas + 500 Banana Colors = 756 Total

Fungi Forest – 300 Bananas + 6 Extra Bananas + 500 Banana Colors = 806 Total

Crystal Caves – 350 Bananas + 6 Extra Bananas + 500 Banana Colors = 856 Total

Creepy Castle – 368 Bananas + 500 Banana Colors = 868 Total (Nota: Es posible tener un total de hasta 906 Banana Colors, sin embargo, como el nivel exige 400, pero es imposible exceder ese numero, sin que algún Kong tenga 75 Bananas de un solo color y se pierda la posibilidad de tener un Banana Medal. Tambien es imposible que Diddy Kong tenga exactamente 74 Red Bananas, porque en Creepy Castle solo hay Red Balloons y Red Banana Bunches. La única forma que tenga un numero mayor a 70 y menor a 75, es alimentando a Scoff con 130 Red Bananas, para que su contador se reinicie a 2. Tampoco es necesario usar el Glitch Extra Bananas aqui, debido que no hay impedimento de que tu contador de Bananas se llene a 100, siendo que ya alimentaste a Scoff previamente.)

Total = 5,184 Banana Colors.