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Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a side-scrolling puzzle-platforming game for the Nintendo Switch and a remake of the 2004 Game Boy Advance game of the same name. It was first announced during the September 2023 Nintendo Direct, and is set to be released worldwide on February 16, 2024. It is the first Mario vs. Donkey Kong game for Nintendo Switch and also the first one in general since Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, released almost nine years prior. As a remake of the first game, it is also the first time the gameplay style of the Game Boy version of Donkey Kong has been revisited since the original's release. Unlike the original version's pre-rendered visuals and the rest of the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series opting for a plastic, cartoony look with outlines, the remake adopts a standard modern art style.


The story is likely the same as the original GBA version, where Donkey Kong loots of all of the toys in the factory. Eventually, Donkey Kong checks his bag, only to see all the Mini Marios he stole have dropped, with Mario, the toys, and three Toad employees laughing at him. In anger, he grabs the Toads, climbs the building. Mario must rescue the Toad employees and fight Donkey Kong. However, he must make his way through the six worlds to get to the battle on the top of the building. After the fight, he falls off onto a truck full of Mini Marios and steals five more. Mario gives chase once again, until a similar cutscene of the one before the defeat, but only Mario laughs, until six Mini Marios come out.


  • The game now uses full 3D models rather than pre-rendered sprites.
  • The cutscenes are now fully animated, instead of swapping between different static frames.
  • Multiplayer is added, with Toad as the second playable character.
  • Tane Pakkun are redesigned into mechanical Fire Piranha Plants.
  • The toy Ninjis are now black with red buttons, similar to the regular Ninjis' current design.
  • Brickmen are given a pair of movable bricks over their eyes to act as expressive eyebrows.
  • The locations of the red and yellow platforms in Level 1-DK have been swapped.

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