Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
Logo MariovsDK
Developer(s): NST
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): Nintendo DSi
Release Date: Flag of USA June 8, 2009
Flag of Europe August 21, 2009
Flag of Australia August 21, 2009
Flag of Japan October 7, 2009
Genre Puzzle
Ratings E; Everyone
Mode(s) 1 player
Media DSiWare Download
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Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! is a DSiWare game and the sequel to Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis.


DSi Description


Thanks to the runaway success of Super Mini Mario World, Mario and Pauline have expanded their toy-filled theme park and invited everyone to the opening celebration. Everyone, that is, except Donkey Kong, who was too late to get in! Donkey Kong decides to crash the party and kidnaps Pauline along the way! Can Mario and his Mini Marios rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong’s clutches yet again?

In addition, make sure to explore the Construction Zone, where you’ll find all the tools needed to make your own original levels. You can then share your masterpieces or download levels created by others via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and broadband Internet access, or via local wireless.


The re-opening of Mario’s theme park, Super Mini Mario World, was going so well... until Donkey Kong burst in and kidnapped the hapless Pauline once again! So it’s up to you and the Mini Marios – tiny mechanical Mario toys – to rescue Pauline from that crazed ape’s clutches.

Instead of controlling the Mini Marios directly, you use the stylus to manipulate objects in each trap-laden level, and lead the fragile toys safely to the exit. Once you clear all eight levels on a floor, you’ll get a chance to pummel Donkey Kong with your Mini Mario-launching cannon!

Another feature is the Construction Zone, which allows you to create your own original levels, play levels that you or others have made, and share or download levels via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or local wireless communications.

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