Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Developer(s): Nintendo
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): Game Boy Advance
Release Date: Flag of USA May 24, 2004
Flag of Japan June 1, 2004
Flag of Europe November 19, 2004
Genre Platforming
Ratings ESRB: E
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Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a game developed by Nintendo. As the title suggests, it stars Mario and Donkey Kong. The story starts as DK is watching TV, and he notices that there are Mini Mario toys for sale. He gets the urge to collect all of them. When he realizes that they're sold out, he steals Mini-Marios from the company. But in the end Mario, who of course was the owner of the company stopped DK completely.


The game's story begins with Donkey Kong watching TV. As he flicks through the channels, he sees an ad about the Mini Mario toys. He is disgusted with them but, still, Donkey Kong falls in love with the toys instantly. He goes to the Toy Store, but they are sold out. Donkey Kong turns around and sees the Mario Toy Company and decides to loot the store of all of the toys. Eventually, Donkey Kong checks his bag, only to see all the Mini Marios he stole have dropped, with Mario, the toys, and 3 Toad employees laughing at him. In anger, he grabs the 3 Toads, climbs the building, and Mario must rescue the 3 Toads and fight Donkey Kong again. However, he must make his way through the 6 worlds to get to the battle on the top of the building. After the fight, he falls off onto a truck full of Mini Marios, and steals five more. Mario gives chase once again, until a similar cutscene of the one before the defeat, but only Mario laughs, until 6 Mini Marios come out. After that, it is the final scene. Mario is scolding Donkey Kong for what he did. Donkey Kong is crying in pity and shame. Mario cheers him up by letting him have a Mini Mario. The Mini Marios and Mario cheer with Mario's mission successfully done.


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