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Mario Kart DS
Mario Kart DS
The Box cover for Mario Kart DS
Developer(s): Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Release Date: Flag of USA November 14, 2005
Flag of Australia November 17, 2005
Flag of Europe November 25, 2005
Flag of Japan December 8, 2005
Genre Racing
Ratings E: Everyone
Mode(s) 1-4 players
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Mario Kart DS is a Kart-racing Nintendo DS game that is the fifth one created for the Mario Kart series. It features Wi-Fi connection, a Mission Mode and a map on the bottom screen.

Relevance to the Donkey Kong series

Donkey Kong appears in the game as a playable character. A course called DK Pass, which takes place on a snowy mountain, is included as well.

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