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Map Key as seen in the Cranky Kong's Shop.

Map Keys are items from the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D that unlock a locked path to a level in each world, except for the Cloud world in the 3DS game version. Donkey and Diddy Kong can purchase the key at the Cranky Kong's Shop for twenty Banana Coins, or ten coins in the New Mode of the 3DS version.

Worlds and Locked Levels[]


  • During the games Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Cranky will randomly say some of the following phrases about the Map Key inside his shop:
    • By the player highlighting the key and waiting for the old primate to say something about it eventually:
      • "I'd use that key myself, but then I'd have get out of my chair."
      • "You'll never find everything if you don't buy this key!"
      • "Why are these paths locked? Don't ask me. I just sell the keys."
      • "Every area has exactly one lock and exactly one key to unlock that lock."
      • "I know this key is huge, but you're a big ape. You can handle it."
    • By the player purchasing one unit of the item:
      • "On your way to uncovering all of this island's secrets!"
      • "What, you need a key to bust through some flimsy lock?"
      • "Are you trying to find all the island's secrets, or are you just taking the easy route?"
      • "Go forth and discover some new!"
      • "If you find all the Kong Letters, something exciting may happen!"
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