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ExitIsNearSign.png Manic Mincers ExitSign.png
World(s) Chimp Caverns
Type Cave
Music Theme(s) Cave Dweller Concert
Animal Buddies Rambi

Enemies Encountered Mincers, Krushas, Gnawties
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Manic Mincers is a stage in the world Chimp Caverns and is the thirtieth stage in the game, Donkey Kong Country. It comes after Tanked Up Trouble and before Misty Mine.


At the start of the stage, Donkey and Diddy Kong must advance past a Gnawty, then jump over a Mincer in an abyss. Afterwards, the Kongs must break a crate containing Rambi inside of it and advance throughout the stage, jumping over two Mincers. Afterwards, they must pass across a few more Mincers until reaching the Star Barrel. Afterwards, the two Kongs must pass Mincers until reaching an abyss. Then the Kongs must jump on the platform, crossing them over the abyss. Afterwards, there will be another abyss which needs to be crossed and the Kongs must repeat this step once more until they reach the exit.



  • In some versions of the game, some of the overworld warps found on Kongo Jungle (activated by pressing B repeatedly whilst going along the paths with a corner) lead to being warped to the middle of Orang-utan Gang. A further glitch exists continuing from this overworld warp leads to being warped to Manic Mincers after intricate manipulation of the game's VRAM.[1]