Donkey Kong Wiki
ExitIsNearSign Manic Mincers ExitSign
World(s) Chimp Caverns
Type Cave
Music Theme(s) Cave Dweller Concert
Animal Buddies Rambi

Enemies Encountered Mincers, Krushas, Gnawties
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Manic Mincers is a stage in the world Chimp Caverns and is the thirtieth stage in the game, Donkey Kong Country. It comes after Tanked Up Trouble and before Misty Mine. Hence the title of the level, Mincers are the primary obstacle, being a common threat to the Kongs. It's also the last cave stage in the game.


At the start of the stage, Donkey and Diddy Kong must advance past a Gnawty, then jump over a Mincer in an abyss. Then they pass under another mincer, while carrying a DK Barrel, which they defeat another Gnawty with. They must next collect the Letter K next to the wall, and carefully jump under the next Mincer, then the next after that over another abyss. Afterwards, the Kongs must break a crate containing Rambi inside of it and ride on him throughout the level. However, he can still get hurt by the Mincers, so carefully jump in between the two of them. After passing them, take out two passing Gnawties on the following path, then pass under another floating Mincer, and another. The Letter O is found above the next Mincer, in between the descending Mincer. The same gimmick is done with a Banana Bunch, but the two mincers have swapped places.

The following pathway has a pattern with one Mincer, and a Gnawty, until one Mincer moves left and right, and the Kongs collect a line of four bananas, and they finally reach the Star Barrel. There is a TNT Barrel next to you, and a circling and stationary Mincer. Grab the barrel to take out the Krusha up ahead, then grab the DK Barrel. There are two circling Mincers above an abyss. Carefully jump in between them, and use DK to defeat the Krusha down below. Use the DK Barrel to open a hole in the wall, leading to a Bonus Level where the Kongs have to jump on 3 moving Klap Traps. After winning the bonus level, proceed to encounter three circling Mincers, and a Banana Bunch in the middle.

After passing that, the Kongs reach a long abyss, a small moving platform, and another Mincer. The next path has another TNT Barrel, which can again take out the Krusha. There is another moving platform over an abyss, where you can find the Letter N. This time, there are two Mincers, making jumping harder. There is another DK Barrel on the following path, but it's optional. There is a stationary platform, but a Mincer circling it. Make your jump quick, then you will meet another Krusha, and another one. use DK or the DK Barrel to get ride of the foes. There will later be another stationary platform, with two circling Mincers. The next path has three Gnawties to defeat, then the exit sign is found, but also a fast moving Mincer. Carefully get past, the Mincer and jump over the stationary Mincer, then proceed to find a different platform, with a hole in the wall. Enter it to get inside of a special room with three fast moving Mincers, and the Letter G. After exiting this tough room, you will find a TNT Barrel right next to you, and another DK Barrel to your left. Jump off the edge and walk on a long path to get to a small wall and make a hole in it to get to the next Bonus Room; a Slot minigame. If you ingore the Bonus Level, you have to use the tire to jump over the verical wall of two mincers, but if you enter the Bonus Room, you'll get blasted out of the other side, sparing you from a difficult fate. Simply walk left and exit the level.

KONG Letters[]

  • Letter K: Found next to the first wall under the third Mincer.
  • Letter O: Found in between a stationary and downward moving Mincer, after you get Rambi.
  • Letter N: Located above the second long abyss, obtained with the moving platform.
  • Letter G: Found in the room with the fast moving Mincers when you get past them.

Bonus Rooms[]

  • Found in the small wall near the Krusha, after the first long abyss.
  • Use the TNT Barrel to blow a hole in a short wall near the bouncy tire




  • In some versions of the game, some of the overworld warps found on Kongo Jungle (activated by pressing B repeatedly whilst going along the paths with a corner) lead to being warped to the middle of Orang-utan Gang. A further glitch exists continuing from this overworld warp leads to being warped to Manic Mincers after intricate manipulation of the game's VRAM.[1]
  • The level's title is likely a reference to the ZX Spectrum game Manic Miner, itself likely a callback to when Rare developed games for that home computer under their original moniker of Ultimate Play The Game.