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ExitIsNearSign Mangrove Cove ExitSign
[[File:Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Level 1 1 Mangrove Cove|300px]]
World(s) Lost Mangroves
Music Theme(s)
Animal Buddies None
Bonus Room(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces 9
Enemies Encountered Tucks
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Mangrove Cove is the first stage in Lost Mangroves from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is followed by Shipwreck Shore.


Being the first level in the game, Mangrove Cove shows players the basic mechanics to the game while also putting out some basic enemies. There are a few water sections and climbing sections, with spikes and hazards being minimal.


The Kongs are launched into a crashed airplane that they must break out of. Upon doing so, they can move forward to find a water slide and a couple Bananas. A water section is after this with a Finley with a diver’s helmet omitting air bubbles along with some more Bananas with a Banana Coin hidden in the coral beneath the Finley. On land there are some Dozies and more Bananas and Banana Coins, along with platforms. Past this is a Punchy Paddy with a Banana Coin hovering above it, while there is a Chomp after this, along with a Blue Dozy with some pulling plugs that makes platforms fall. Another pulling plug is after this with platforms that fall slightly, along with another Chomp, a Punchy Paddy and a Dozy afterwards. After landing on a platform the Kongs fall into another water section with some Finlies and a Wild Wendell and a Kong Barrel above the water. When getting out of the water section via a ground-pound platform another Wild Wendell and some Dozies can be found. There is then a plug that when pulled grows a huge tree which can be accessed by jumping into a Barrel Cannon which leads to other Barrel Cannons which have Bananas, Banana Coins, a Puzzle Piece and an Extra Life Balloon in their paths, along with the letter N. After this the Kongs hit a Snowmad ship. Another Kong Barrel is ahead along with a gap with spiky brambles to jump/glide over. Another Snowmad ship crashes into the shore, with three Tucks falling out of it onto the path. A Shrub Chomb then devours a Tuff Tuck after this, and there is a ship with many breakable boxes and a Fluff. A Waldough breaks out of one of the boxes after this, and there are swinging platforms with Bananas on them, but spikes underneath for the Kongs to avoid, with a Painguin Tuck as well. There are then two Fluffs (above left and right) and one Tuck (directly above) after this, along with tons of Bananas in the middle of them all to use the transformation power on. After this is a ground-pound platform that when hit three times reveals a skull Launch Barrel that when shot out of shoots to another that shoots the Kongs out and destroys a Snowmad ship which flings the Slot Machine Barrel and Snowmads out.



K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • K: Between two of the treetops on the beach after the first lake.
  • O: Under the tree above the second lake.
  • N: In the second jungle area, located in the air and must be obtained by going through a Barrel Cannon.
  • G: After throwing the Tuck from the swinging platform onto the pole, it will turn and reveal another platform where the letter is.

Puzzle Pieces[]

  1. Behind the red-blue metal chunk, found soon after jumping into the water.
  2. Found after jumping onto the high treetop from the swinging platform and pounding next to the Plump Yellow Fruit.
  3. After opening the two platforms, the player must grab the flying banana which will turn into a puzzle piece.
  4. In an area revealed by pounding right under the first Chomp in the metal-like area.
  5. After getting Diddy Kong, the player can go back and jump on top of the previously mentioned Chomp and get the piece which is on a platform above it.
  6. Spinning in the air, the player must time their shot from a Barrel Cannon correctly to get it.
  7. Upon pounding on the crate after the second platform in the beach area with the pirate ship, there will be a secret underground area where some Tutorial Pigs will give the DK and Diddy bananas, and a puzzle piece afterwards.
  8. Shooting through the barrel above the swinging platforms will reveal a secret area containing a large amount of bananas to collect in 30 seconds, after which the Kongs will get the Puzzle Piece.
  9. The final Puzzle Piece is obtained by going to past the end barrel and pulling the plug which will reveal it.

Time Attack Medals[]

  • Gold: 1:50:00
  • Silver: 2:10:00
  • Bronze: 2:30:00