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Residence Forest (Donkey Kong Island)

Gender Male

Enemies Kongs

Mangoruby is an unusual plant-like caterpillar creature that is found in the Forest world in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. Its feet resemble leaves, its eyes resemble flowers and its body resembles turnips (or possibly radishes). Normally, it is a docile creature that usually sleeps, but when Wacky Pipes hypnotizes it, it becomes dangerous to Donkey and Diddy Kong. During the boss battle, its body is electrified. The player must hit crystals to un-electrify it; after this is done, the player can jump on it. Eventually it is defeated, freeing it from Wacky Pipes' control. Donkey Kong then sends Wacky Pipes flying. It is voiced by Tasha Sallia.


  • His Italian adaptation of the name has a really different meaning to the English one. It is "Dragruco", which means "Drago" and "Bruco". (Dragon and caterpillar). This comproves he is a dragon.
  • His design concept may be based partially on the mythological Wyrm, which is a dragon with drake head and worm-like (in some cases serpent-like) body.
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