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DKBB Mammoth Glacier Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong racing on the Mammoth Glacier course as seen in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Wii.

Mammoth Glacier is the fourth and final course of the Sapphire Cup in the game Donkey Kong Barrel Blast for Nintendo Wii. It is the first snow-themed track. This course is the only one in the game where the player is able to ride in a toboggan.

Course Description[]

The track starts out with an open ravine that the player must hover over. they can collect bananas on this path. Then the player ends up having to travel across a snowy path. The path features barrels and trees to dodge.

After exiting this path, the player ends up on a path with iron barrels and mammoths on the side. This path also features barrel cannons that allow the player to collect bananas in the air. When the path starts to end, the player has two choices. They can either go in a Yellow Launcher Barrel that gets the player to next path quicker, or they can go around the barrel and travel up the path.

After traveling up the path, the player will come upon another path. The player must hover over this path while dodging more iron barrels. They will then enter multiple barrel cannons and be shot into a toboggan. The player must take this toboggan down a chute.

When They exit this path, the player will come upon another path with bananas and iron barrels. They must continue straight by hovering over a small body of water. After traveling of the water, the player must continue straight and they will eventually come across the finish line.

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