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Mama Saw

Donkey Kong and Dixie Kong Narrowly escaping a Mama Saw.

Mama Saws are aquatic enemies in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. If they see you, they will attack you by trying to ram into you with their saw- like nose. They can be killed by performing a corkscrew attack on them from behind.


They basically resemble a short, fat, orange sawfish, with a yellow ring around their nose. They are likely female due to that they have the word "Mama" in their name.


  • In real life, sawfish's saws are horizontal, whereas Mama Saw's saw is vertical.
  • This would make more sense due to that you wouldn't be able to see the saw horizontally, as this game is side scrolling.
  • It is also possible that Mama Saw is a sawshark.