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Map Lychee Kingdom Map
Lychee kingdom
Boss(es) Thunder Roc
Game(s) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

The Lychee Kingdom is the fourteenth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. The kingdom is located in a large plant and in a fiery cave. The Lychee Kingdom can be accessed by completing the first 12 kingdoms, defeating the Cactus King and collecting 29 or more Crests. The Lychee Kingdom is the location of Thunder Roc.


Helibird Dash[]

Helibird Dash is the first stage of the Lychee Kingdom. The stage takes place inside a giant hollow vine. Helibird Dash is a relatively short stage. Donkey Kong had to race four Helibirds to the finish line with his own Helibird. As soon as Donkey Kong crossed the start line, the race begun. The stage had almost no obstacles. Air currents sped Donkey Kong up if he flew into them. Beating the Helibirds is not necessary to complete the stage, however losing to all three would cause Donkey Kong to receive no bonus beats.

Lava Cavern[]

Lava Cavern is the final stage of the Lychee Kingdom. The stage takes place in a cavern filled with lava. Dragons aid Donkey Kong by transporting him through part of the stage. Donkey Kong encounters a rolling reptile in this stage. Donkey Kong defeated the rolling reptile by clapping and pulling its tongue.