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Lord Fredrik
Lord Fredrik.png
Full Name Lord Fredrik
Alias(es) The Snowmad King
World(s) Donkey Kong Island
Boss Level Volcano Dome
Residence(s) Unknown
Species Waldough
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Snowmads
Occupation(s) Leader of the Snowmads
Powers/Abilities Summon Tucks and Fluffs
Attack running with helmet horns
Ground pounding
Summon Ice Dragons
Enemies Kong Family
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Lord Fredrik, The Snowmad King is the fearsome leader of the Snowmads and the final boss in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. With a fleet of ships and an army at his beck and call (not to mention an enchanted horn), he has led conquests on several islands and always turned out victorious, due to these islands not having any superior animal to fight them, as the tribe is searching for a home they can call their own, similar to real-life vikings.

His latest military strike - Donkey Kong's home - has left the once tropical place coated in ice and snow; even the Volcano has been iced over. Naturally, it's up to Donkey Kong and the Kong Family to fix things.

His boss fight is also very reminiscent of the fights against King K. Rool from the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy. His back, which the Kongs can strike while he charges at them, is similar to the same tactic Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong used against King K. Rool in Donkey Kong Country. Similarly, the Ice Dragon diving down from over the screen parallel the falling cannonballs King K. Rool summons in the bossfight against him in the original DKC.

The Ice Dragons charging at the Kongs horizontally resemble Kaptain K. Rool's cannonballs fired from his blunderbuss in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.

Lastly, having to throw things at Lord Fredrik while he skips around in the background mirrors the second bossfight with Baron K. Roolenstein, in his Knautilus. There, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong had to throw Steel Kegs in an open air vent, so that it would hit Baron K. Roolenstein on the other opening of the air vent.


Lord Fredrik is first seen sitting on his personal throne set on his flagship as one of his minions informs him of a new land to conquest: Donkey Kong Island. Glad to be conquering a new island under his control, he calls for his henchmen to bring him his horn. Taking a deep breath, he sends an Ice Dragon to blow the Kongs away, thereby clearing away anyone who could cause him secondary trouble. His flagship suddenly takes flight, landing on top of the currently dormant Volcano and then sending his Ice Dragon to reshape DK Island to his personal needs.


Lord Fredrik appears as an oversized Waldough who is twice Donkey Kong's size with a pair of glowing blue eyes, with no eyelids. He wears a viking crown with a pair of bull horns on the side with a blue diamond in the middle on top of his head. Lord Fredrik wears a fur cape on his back and has a black belt with light blue pearls with a much larger pearl around his waist.

Powers and abilities

Superhuman strength: Lord Fredrik has considerable strength, enough to break hardened ice, although already cracked. During the battle with Donkey, he has proved to have enough weight to make platforms sink rapidly into the lava.

Superhuman agility: Lord Fredrik, despite his imposing size and strength, proved himself capable of jumping extremely high.

Size change: Lord Fredrik was able to grow his conch and body size, perhaps magically.

Telekinesis: Lord Fredrik was able to levitate his conch after making it grow.

With his conch

Cyrokinesis: Lord Fredrik can use his conch to generate ice dragons, capable of freezing platforms.

Spontaneous Generation: Lord Fredrik can summon enemies from his conch, making a ball-like projectile that releases a Tuff Tucks or a Tuff Fluff.

Boss Battle

Much like the previous five bosses in the game, Lord Fredrik is a three-stage boss fight. The battle takes place in an underground volcano cavern surrounded by molten lava.

In the first phase, Lord Fredrik will jump to a nearby platform with his horn. He will then enlarge himself and blow on his horn to rain down six ice balls, one of them will contain a Tuff Tuck or a Tuff Fluff. Donkey Kong must bounce on one of the two enemies, and then throw him at Lord Fredrik, where he will move side to side in order to avoid getting hit.The player must wait for Lord Fredrik to readjust his crown to land an easy hit on him. If Donkey Kong succeeds in hitting Lord Fredrik, he will then jump on the platform where Donkey Kong is and attempts to charge at him with his crown horns. That's the chance to damage Lord Fredrik, by hitting his back as he charges, similar to the Polly Roger boss fight, only you bounce off of him as you’re being pushed back, preventing you from hitting Lord Fredrik multiple times. After this phase (or in the next phase of the battle), he will ground pound on Donkey Kong, and send parts of the platforms he ground pounds into the lava. repeat the process above two more times to advance to the second phase of the battle.

In the second phase, it is similar to the first, except Lord Fredrik gains a new move; he can now fire Ice Dragons from his horn. The Ice Dragons will fall on Donkey Kong (the Player can tell were the Ice Dragon will fall by noticing ice shards falling from the top) and will freeze the platform, causing Donkey Kong to slide. This part of the battle makes it harder to avoid Lord Fredrik's attacks, otherwise, this part of the battle is pretty much the same, just wait until Lord Fredrik summons the ice balls filled with Tuff Tucks or Tuff Fluffs to throw at him in order to hit Lord Fredrik three times and the battle will continue until the final phase.

In the third and final phase of the battle, Lord Fredrick’s tactics as a whole still remain the same, but he will summon the ice balls filled with Tuff Tucks or Tuff Fluffs. Hit Lord Fredrik with one of the two enemies, then hit him on his back three times to beat him, only this time, Lord Fredrik will gain two new moves, in the beginning of the battle, Lord Fredrik will jump high to the other side of either platform Donkey Kong is on and unleash a ground pound to send the platforms high into the air, as they are being forced upwards by lava. The platforms one by one will then fall and sink into the lava, for which Donkey Kong will have to land on the platform that is still inside arena. He still retains the ability to fire Ice Dragons, but now he can fire then directly at Donkey Kong like a blaster, for which Donkey Kong will have to ether jump or duck to avoid the Ice Dragons.

After beating this phase of the battle, the game is complete.



  • The battle with Lord Fredrik is quite similar to Tiki Tong from the previous game, Donkey Kong Country Returns.
    • Both antagonist have an elemental-theme in them.
    • Both antagonists can use their head as a form of attack (Tiki Tong: head slam, Lord Fredrik: head charge)
    • Both antagonist have attacks that involves dropping enemies on to the player.
    • both final battles takes place in the volcano.
  • While Lord Fredrik has nine hit-points like previous boss fights, he has to be hit at least once by the Tuck or Fluff enemies, if that is considered as a hit-point, then Lord Fredrik has the most hit-points out of all the bosses in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, having twelve hit-points in total.