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ExitIsNearSign Lemguin Lunge ExitSign
Lemguin lunge
World(s) K3
Type Snow
Music Theme(s) Frosty Frolics

Bonus Room(s) 2
Notable Feature(s) First appearance of Lemguins
Enemies Encountered Lemguins, Skiddas, Buzzes
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Lemguin Lunge, (レンギンの庭 Rengin no niwa in Japan), is the fifth stage in K3 from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Hence the name of the level, it primarily features Lemguins as enemies. It is preceded by Krac-Shot Kroc and followed by Bleak's House.


As soon as the level starts, the Kongs see a Bonus Barrel right above a red Buzz. Since it can't be defeated, Kiddy has to throw Dixie up to reach the barrel, which contains a "Find the Coin" level. Proceeding, they take out a Skidda, cross a DK Barrel, and locate the Letter K. The titular Lemguins appear after this, in an unlimited line. After defeating another Skidda and moving on, there is another line of Lemguins. There is a small cabin, where the roof has the Letter O.

Going forward, the Kongs see a Steel Keg and a Koin. They must throw the metallic barrel toward the left wall so it hit hit Koin. After getting the DK Coin, and going across a few more walkways, they come across the third row of Lemguins, and the fourth row right after, only moving the opposite way. After the Kongs get the checkpoint, the find the Letter N. Then the fifth row of Lemguins are encountered. There is next a Skidda on a bottom path near a DK Barrel, then the next line of Lemguins going right. The Kongs later encounter another Skidda, and the letter G above him.

After going across a few more pathways, there is the next Lemguin row, and a cabin with the second Bonus Barrel under it. They must carefully enter it without getting hit by a Lemguin. The Bonus Level is to Collect 30 Stars. Even this level has the Lemguins sliding at the player. They defeat another Skidda and find another DK Barrel, but find a slanted slope, which allows the Lemguins to slide faster. After getting past the last row of Lemguins, the Level Flag is found. Pull it down and the level is complete.

K-O-N-G Letters[]

  • Letter K: Found above a chasm right after the first DK Barrel.
  • Letter O: Located on a cabin with the second line of Lemguins.
  • Letter N: Found right after passing the Star Barrel.
  • Letter G: Located right above a Skidda after a Lemguin row.

Bonus Areas[]

  • The first Bonus Barrel is found right away at the beginning of the level. It is directly above a red Buzz, so Kiddy is required to throw Dixie upward so she can reach it. The Bonus Level is a "Find the Coin" game.
  • The Bonus Barrel is found directly under a cabin near a Lemguin hole. The level is "Collect 30 Stars".