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Kroctopus is a giant green crab-like sea monster first seen at the end of Razor Ridge, in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It replaces Barbos as the boss of the area, and Barbos was relocated to Pacifica.

Kroctopus Krush[]

Upon entering, Kroctopus will emerge from the water and the battle will start. Kroctopus will jab its tentacles towards the platforms one at a time, and must be avoided by the Kongs. After a certain amount, a bomb will drop, and Kroctopus will actually aim for Dixie and Kiddy. The Kongs must make it so Kroctopus aims at the bomb and gets damaged, but avoid the explosion themselves. This cycle must be repeated three times, after it appears to sink out of weakness.

It will then rise, reddened due to its anger from suffering from the bomb explosions, and attack at a faster rate. After hitting it another 3 times it will sink and reemerge, in a darker red color and its eyes getting red. His attack style changes to two tentacle jabs at once, making him tricky to avoid without Dixie Kong. Three final bomb hits will defeat it, and when defeated, he sinks back into the water as the green water disappears.


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