Donkey Kong Wiki
Full Name Krobot
Alias(es) Mecha-Kritter
Residence(s) Frantic Factory
Species Kremling, Robot

Affiliates King K. Rool
Powers/Abilities Strength against regular attacks
Enemies Kong Family
Game(s) Donkey Kong 64

Krobots, also called Mecha-Kritters, are mechanical Kremlings from Donkey Kong 64.


They are silver, bipedal metal alligators with glowing red eyes and gold turning wind-up keys in their back; from time to time, they stop while the key rewinds itself. They have more endurance than most enemies, flinching at regular attacks and ammunition but not being damaged; to defeat them requires an instrument, an Orange Grenade, the Kongs' shockwave attack, or Chunky Kong's Primate Punch. They are one of only four enemies in the game to possess endurance such as this, the others being the Klumps, the Koshas, and the Klobbers. They yield two quarter Watermelons when defeated.

Like all Kremlings in any Donkey Kong game, their role is to serve King K. Rool in attacking the Kongs when they see them.