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Map.gif Kremwood Forest Map.gif
Boss(es) Arich
Brothers Bear's House Brash's Cabin
Banana Bird Cave Arich's Hoard
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (SNES)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (GBA)

Kremwood Forest is a forest taken over by the Kremlings in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! and it is the second world in the Game. The boss of this world is a large spider named Arich. The area is a healthy forest, with many extremely tall trees and a river. The Kremlings also appear to have set up a lone mill in the forest, likely to use the lumber from the forest.

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Artwork of a location at Kremwood Forest.

Barrel Shield Bust-Up*

This level is a giant hollow-tree level based on, as the name suggests, Barrel Shields. Dixie and Kiddy needs to climb up long ropes, and Minkeys will throw nuts at them. The Minkeys often appear in a row, and the way they time their throws is usually tough to get by without the aid of a Barrel Shield. When climbing the Kongs may encounter several Minkeys and Barrel Shields, where they must climb behind them in order to protect themselves from the Minkeys tossing nuts.

Riverside Race

Riverside Race involves a race near a river. If the Kongs beat the level in less than 1:15:00, Brash Bear will later get mad over the Kongs beating his record and reveal the path to a new Banana Bird Cave. The level has many grounded parts and swimming segments, and the Kongs will be chased by a small swarm of bees while navigating through the level.

Squeals on Wheels

Being only mill level in the area, it is quite different from other mill levels. Early into the level you will notice a Sneek on a wheel. Throw the Steel Keg barrel at it in order to unlock the door ahead. The rest of the level is done in a fairly similar fashion- proceeding through the level, finding more Steel Kegs, toss them at the Sneeks in order to progress, until the Kongs reach the end.

Springin' Spiders*

The fourth level of Kremwood forest starts in a hollow tree. The majority of the level takes place inside giant hollow trees, trying to climb to the top, where the level ends. The hollow trees are somewhat tight, and usually have Nids that jump highly (hence the level name) with platforms, used to get up the trees. Buzzes, green and red are found throughout the level. Squawks can be found in a secret animal barrel in the level.

Bobbing Barrel Brawl

The last level of Kremwood Forest takes place in a similar setting to Riverside Race's. Kongs will go through the level mainly as Ellie, hopping through the lake by landing on floating barrels, all the while being hunted by Nibblas below in the water. If Ellie misses the jump and lands into the water, there is little hope she can get out alive. However, the lakes do provide excellent places to stock up on water ammo for Ellie's R attack. Simply put the directional button down and use R to fill up on ammo usable to defeat the many enemies in the way, though note the underwater enemy is still invincible.

Arich's Ambush

Arich is a giant spider similar in appearance to Squitter. He shoots out green globs instead of webs, though. The Kongs must dodge the webs, and when Arich comes down, jump on his back to grab a Barrel on a branch in the top right corner. Then, let the Barrel collide with it's face (best done as Dixie), and repeat.

*These stage's order was switched in the Game Boy Advance remake.

Supporting Locations

Brothers Bear residence

Banana Bird Cave




  • Kremwood Forest is most likely named after the "Redwood Forest," located in California of the USA.
  • In the Game Boy Advanced version, the final area of the map where Arich's boss battle takes place has spiderwebs filling the area behind the angry tree, hinting to new players that the boss will be a spider of some sort.