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Kremean War

Bazooka talking about the Kremean War

"I fought in the Kremean War, don't you know, but I've retired from the service along with 'Big Bessie'."

The Kremean War is an event alluded to by Bazooka, a member of the Brothers Bear in the game Donkey Kong Country 3. It is said to have took place a few years before the events of the game.


This war began during the time of Kremling Kuthroats where conflict was between Bear soldiers and Kremling pirates fought for years ago.[1][2] Bazooka which was the millitary commander used several artillery in this war, mainly the Big Bessie which is his favorite weapon.[3] The Kremlings involved in this war was Kloak, Kackle and pirate Kritters when they were alive.[1] As result, the Kremling Kuthroats goes down due to the deaths of the pirate Kremlings and K. Rool was the only survivor.[2] The end of the war led K. Rool to inaugurate Kremling Krew.[2]

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning/Translation
French Grande Guerre Kremienne -
German Krem-Krieg -
Italian Guerra di Kremea -
Spanish Guerra de Kremean -


  • The name is a pun on the real-life Crimean War, which was a conflict between several European nations in the mid-nineteenth century.
  • In the game Donkey Kong Country, the Kremling Krew members as the common Kritters, Klump and Krusha wear military-themed clothing and gear. It is unknown if this outfit was the uniforms of Bazooka's squad.


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