Kreepy Krow
Artwork of Kreepy Krow from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest for SNES
Aliases Krow
Residence(s) Gloomy Gulch
Family Mini-Neckies (minions)
Species Undead Necky

Affiliation Kremling Krew, Neckies
Powers/Abilities Summoning ghost and living Mini-Neckies,
Flying over and diving into the ground level,
Shooting giant eggs
Enemies Kong Family

Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (for SNES) (1995)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2 (for GBA) (2004)

Kreepy Krow is the boss of the Gloomy Gulch world of Crocodile Isle, as well as the fifth boss in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. He is the ghost of Krow, the first boss in the game.


When Diddy and Dixie Kong engage battle, Kreepy Krow sends out four Mini-Neckies during the first phase, being three ghosts and a living one. They fly at the Kongs, one at a time. The player can avoid the ghost ones, but he/she must defeat the living Mini-Necky to make a wooden barrel to appear. While avoiding to be hit by the boss, the player must throw the barrel at Kreepy Krow to harm him. If the player takes too long to throw the barrel or he/she misses the chance of using the barrel, the boss will dive into the ground level twice trying to hit the Kongs, and he will repeat his previous attack pattern. After receiving a single hit, Kreepy Krow will run away, and some hooks will appear at left side of the arena. The heroes must use them to climb up. Soon some eggs will be dropped at regular intervals. The player must climb up some ropes while avoiding the dropping eggs. If it is necessary, a single DK Barrel can be found over the mast platform at the left side of the ropes. After reaching an autofire barrel at the top, the Kongs will be shoot on the next area, and the second phase of the boss battle will start.

In the second phase, Kreepy Krow will summon more Mini-Neckies to attack the heroes, however there will be six of them and they will attack at faster speed. The player must again defeat at least the living Mini-Necky to summon a wooden barrel, and be able to throw it at the boss again. After being hit, Kreepy Krow will run away again, and more hooks will appear for the Kongs to climb up at the right side. Also in the next section of ropes, eggs will be shoot at the heroes, during regular intervals, from the top and the left side of the screen in SNES version, and all four directions in the GBA version. These eggs will come at even faster speeds than before. After avoiding the eggs and climbing the ropes, the player will reach another autofire barrel at the top, and he/she will be shoot on the final area of the stage, starting the third phase.

In the third and final phase, Kreepy Krow will summon eight Mini-Neckies. The player must repeat the strategy of the previous phases and defeat the living Mini-Necky, being always the sixth one to appear here. This phase will demand better timing from the player to avoid and defeat Mini-Neckies, because the enemies will attack at very fast pace. After throwing the wooden barrel at the boss, Kreepy Krow will explode into glowing bits.



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  • Rare probably made this boss as a palette swap (color change) of Krow to not waste memory space on a different boss, as was commonly done in Donkey Kong Country.
  • The ghost Mini-Neckies are possibly enemies defeated by the Kongs during the game.
  • It has been speculated that character dubbed "Mr. X" was supposed to be the boss of Gloomy Gulch but, for unknown reasons, he was turned down and Kreepy Krow took his place. However, it was later confirmed that Mr. X is just an early version of the ghost enemy Kackle.
  • In Donkey Kong Land 2, Kreepy Krow is not the boss of the Gloomy Gulch world. Instead, the player faces Krow again in a different boss battle.
  • A small cutscene of Krow turning into Kreepy Krow can be seen after defeating Krow for the first time in the first world of the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 2.
  • Also in the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country 2, during the boss battle, Kreepy Krow will always screech before diving into the ground level.
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