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ExitIsNearSign Kreeping Klasps ExitSign
Kreeping klasps
World(s) Cotton Top Cove
Type Stilt
Music Theme(s) Stilt Village

Bonus Room(s) 2

Enemies Encountered Nibbla, Klasps, Re-Koils, Kobbles, Buzzes
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Kreeping Klasps, (クラスプ ロープ Kurasupu rōpu in Japan), is the third stage in Cotton Top Cove from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It's preceded by Rocket Barrel Ride and followed by Tracker Barrel Trek. The level centers around horizontal Ropes and Klasps.


The primary obstacles in this level are Klasps. The level consists of many horizontal ropes which the Kongs have to carefully climb on. There are many Klasps also using the ropes, however, they do not charge at the player like in later levels. Instead, they simply climb a set pattern.

The player should also avoid falling into the water, as a Nibbla is lurking below, waiting to harm Dixie and Kiddy.

Collectibles and secrets[]


There are two Bear Coins, two Extra Life Balloons, and two DK Barrels scattered throughout the level.

Bonus Areas[]

The first Bonus Barrel is located above a higher horizontal rope somewhere between the K-O-N-G Letters K and O. The player must avoid getting hit by the Buzzes circling the rope.

To reach the second Bonus Barrel, the player must drop down two ropes before the boardwalk leading to the letter N, in order to land in a Barrel Cannon blasting the Kongs into the second Bonus Stage.

DK Coin[]

The DK Coin is located right before the Stage Flag. To defeat the Koin guarding it, the player must use a Steel Keg located behind the Stage Flag.