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ExitIsNearSign Krack-Shot Kroc/
Krack Shot Kroc
Krac shot kroc
World(s) K3
Type Factory
Music Theme(s) Nuts and Bolts
Animal Buddies Squitter the Spider
Bonus Room(s) 2
Notable Feature(s) The only stage to feature the enemy Kroc who tracks down and shoots fireballs at the Kongs
Enemies Encountered Kroc, Bristles, Re-Koils, Buzzes
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! (for SNES) (1996)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 3 (for GBA) (2005)
Adjacent Stage(s) << Donkey Kong Country 3 >>

Krack-Shot Kroc, or Krack Shot Kroc, is the fourth stage of the world K3 of the Northern Kremisphere in the game Donkey Kong Country 3. The stage is preceded by Barrel Drop Bounce and followed by Lemguin Lunge.


In a factory themed level, Dixie and Kiddy fall down a line of bananas, and go into an Animal Barrel of Squitter. While playing as Squitter, he must create web platforms to go upward and across wide gaps with pink lava, and also shoot webbing at green Buzzes and Bristles. At the start of the level, Squitter passes a sign that makes the enemy Kroc aim at him with a cursor. Every 5 seconds, it will shoot a fireball at Squitter, so he has to move quick to avoid being hit. There are a few metal walls that will protect Squitter from the Fireballs. The level ends with Squitter passing another sign that prevents Kroc from following him anymore, and his No Animal Sign turns him back into the Kongs.

Collectables and Secrets[]

  • Letter K:
  • Letter O: Before the Star Barrel, the Letter O is found in between two pools of pink lava. You must shoot a web platform to get it carefully.
  • Letter N:
  • Letter G: After completing the second Bonus Room, Squitter makes his way up a shaft with Buzzes, and the letter G is hidden behind a metal wall.

Animal Buddies[]

  • Squitter the Spider: his Animal Barrel is found near the beginning of the stage, below a shaft, being impossible for the Kongs to progress without entering it. Most of the stage must be cleared by using Squitter's form.


Special Barrels[]

Bonus Rooms[]

  • When Squitter encounters a Re-Koil, there is an alcove above him. He must create web platforms to go up into a Bonus Barrel. The bonus room is called Grab 15 Bananas. Squitter must hop around and collect the bananas while avoiding Kroc.
  • After Squitter hops up through a long shaft, and encounters a DK Barrel and a red Buzz, he must continue upward (avoiding the Buzz) and go into the Bonus Room, titled Bash the Baddies! In this Bonus Room, you actually play as Kroc, who gets to shoot the enemies on-screen with the fireballs. There are just two green Buzzes, but mostly Re-Koils, who hide behind the metal walls, so you have to let the jump up for you to blast them. After defeating the enemies, the Bonus Coin appears where the Buzzes were, and you have to shoot it to obtain it.



  • In the Game Boy Advance version of the game Donkey Kong Country 3, the very first blast shield of the stage, placed before the warning sign which triggers the Kroc's cursor, lacks colision physics for the fireballs shot by the enemy. That way, it does not provide any protection against the projectiles for Squitter the Spider, unlike other shields in the stage. It can be assumed that the developers did forget to add the usual physics for the object because there is no reason for the player to move backwards in the stage after Kroc starting to track down Squitter. The same blast shield is fully functional in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of the game.
  • There is an odd glitch inside the second Bonus Room of the stage in the GBA version of the game Donkey Kong Country 3. While the player is controlling a cursor in order to defeat all enemies inside the room by shooting fireballs, if they shoot a projectile next to the ground at the lower left edge of the room, nearby the left side of the blast shield, the player will somehow hit and harm the primary Kong, failing to clear the Bonus Room in the process. It is still possible to shoot at the primary character and lose the bonus even after collecting the Bonus Coin. The same glitch is not present in the SNES version of the game.