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Not to be confused with Donkey Kong Island from the Donkey Kong series games.
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DKC TV Series Kongo Bongo Island
Aerial view of the Kongo Bongo island as seen in the Donkey Kong Country animated series.
Ruler(s) Donkey Kong (future ruler)
Inhabitant(s) Kong Family,
Cranky Kong,
Diddy Kong,
Candy Kong,
Funky Kong,
Bluster Kong,
Dixie Kong,
King K. Rool,
General Klump,
Eddie the Mean Old Yeti,
Inka Dinka Doo
First Appearance "Bad Hair Day" (1997)
Latest Appearance "Message In A Bottle Show" (2000)

Kongo Bongo island is the setting of the French Donkey Kong Country animated series.


The residents of Kongo Bongo include Cranky, Diddy, Dixie, Candy, Funky, Bluster, and the future ruler Donkey Kong. King K. Rool, General Klump, Krusha and other Kremlings live in a cave on the island. Eddie the Mean Old Yeti lives in the White Mountains. Inka Dinka Doo resides in his temple, and the Bog Monster supposedly dwells in the Forbidden Forest.

The Kaptain Skurvy, his pet Polly Roger the parrot, and his crewmates Kutlass and Green Kroc come to the island in their ship by sea.

Other characters are mentioned, like the "very cute lizard" mentioned in the episode "From Zero to Hero", and Bluster Kong's mother, though the latter likely lives elsewhere.


Some of the locations, seen in the island during the Donkey Kong Country animated series, could be inspired by similar places from the game of the same name. These include:

  • Cranky's Cabin: a large treehouse at the top of trees in the jungle, where Cranky Kong lives and the Crystal Coconut is kept.
  • Donkey and Diddy Kong's Treehouse: a hut where both Kongs live and accessible by an elevator.
  • Barrelworks: a barrel factory owned by Bluster Kong and his mother, and where Candy Kong also works. The factory is linked to a mine cart track. It also has a heliport for Bluster's barrelcopter and a launch pad for a large Rocket Barrel.
  • Funky's Flights: a hut where Funky Kong lives, placed next to docks at the beach, and where he keeps his surfboards and belongings. The entire main structure of the hut can be lifted by a rope and pulley system, providing some privacy for Funky. The empty area left by the uplifted hut is used as a gathering place for festivities and competitions of the inhabitants of the island.
  • Candy's Condo: the house of Candy Kong also located nearby the same docks of the Funky's Flights.
  • King K. Rool's Lair: a large cave where the Kremlings live. The lair has an industrial look to it, and it also possesses a system of multiple tunnels connected by mine cart tracks, reaching many locations of the island, including the White Mountains. On the center of the main room, a throne podium is present, being where K. Rool usually is. A vault used for keeping valuables is located at the left side of the podium. At the front of the podium, there is also a piston-like elevator utilized for accessing an inner chamber at the top of the lair. The chamber, decorated by crocodile symbols carved on the walls, is used for secret projects of the Kremlings, such as the Candy Kong robot. It also contains a deployable compartment on the ceiling for keeping important books. A mysterious backdoor inside the chamber is seen entered often by K. Rool, probably leading to his personal room. Despite it never been shown at the screen, the episode "Get a Life, Don't Save One" reveals that there is a factory underneath the main cave of the lair, a local which K. Rool threats to send prisoners to it for forced labor.
  • Inka Dinka Doo's Temple: a stone temple full of traps that belongs to the idol Inka Dinka Doo, and where the Crystal Coconut was found previously by Donkey Kong.
  • White Mountains: a cold location and the lair of Eddie the Mean Old Yeti.
  • Jungle: A large jungle covering most of the island and composed by tall trees. Donkey and Diddy Kong usually use vines to swing and move through it.
  • Banana Plantation: local visited by Donkey and Diddy Kong when they are hungry for bananas or the gorilla needs to recover his strength. The duo usually takes the Funky Kong's airplane to reach it.
  • Forbidden Forest: a forest which the young Donkey Kong was forbidden to enter by Cranky Kong. In the episode "Bug a Boogie", it is revealed that the old primate had made up a story about a Bog Monster living on the forest, and he even disguised himself as the monster once in order to scare Donkey away. However, during the same episode, when some Kremlings, Donkey and Diddy Kong are in the forest, loud roars from unknown origins can be heard by the characters, implying that the monster is an actual creature.

The Crystal Coconut[]

I can use this coconut to get into smash bros

The Crystal Coconut as seen in the Donkey Kong Country animated series.

Inside Kongo Bongo lies the mysterious Crystal Coconut. The relic was original found by Kaptain Skurvy's ancestor, Quint Skurvy, that brought it to the island and hid the cococut inside Inka Dinka Doo's eye. Years later, the Crystal Coconut was found by Donkey Kong, making him the future ruler of Kongo Bongo Island. As future ruler, Donkey Kong must to protect it at all costs from King K. Rool and his minions, and other threats.

Besides defining who is the future ruler of the island, the magical item is also capable of projecting an astral projection of characters, such as Cranky Kong, and conceding a single wish once for year.



  • The Kongo Bongo island and the Donkey Kong Island, location that appears in some of the Donkey Kong series games, are considered different places. However, the world Gorilla Glacier of the Donkey Kong Island, found in the game Donkey Kong Country, shares similarities with the White Mountains of the Kongo Bongo island, which both of them are snow mountainous areas.