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Kong Krazy is a stage in Donkey Kong Land in the world Big Ape City. It is the 2nd stage in this world, as well as it being the 25th stage in Donkey Kong Land.


At the beginning of the level is a DK Barrel, and a Kritter, along withe the K over a gap. The o is right after this with a Klaptrap, as well as a Zinger and another Klaptrap. The is N with a Gnawty. The G is right after this. After this section is a tire with a large gap after it, along with the use of the KONG letters being used as platforms, followed by another Kritter. Jump down to collect 5 Bananas, bounce on an Army, and get into a Barrel, while another Zinger is in front. The Barrel moves over a lane of 6 Bananas, and another K can be found. After this is a pit full of Slippas, and another O. 5 more Bananas can be found after this, as well as another Kritter who jumps from side to side. After this is another gap which has a TNT Barrelin it, which you can use to hit a Zinger who is in front of a Hogwashwho is flying over 3 smaller gaps. After the Zinger are 4 Bananas, followed by 14 more. A bouncy platform can be found after this, which utilizes another N, and then leads to an upper section with a checkpoint, which then is followed by 2 Gnawties and a Zinger, with a K in between and an O under the Zinger. A fire is after this, which leads to the N, which is guarded by 2 more Zingers. This leads to 2 platforms going up, with 3 Bananas on the first platform. A Barrel can then be found after this, launching the primates to the right, giving them more Bananas, as a total of 6. After this is another Zinger, who then you must avoid. The Kong letters then again get used as platforms. After this is a large gap, leading to another platform with 9 Bananas going down. Jump into the right place, and a rope will appear and levitate to a bonus room, with 2 Mincers which go up and down, along with a Banana Coin. After this is a downward facing slope, with 3 Bananas before it. A tire is also here, and 2 Armies can be seen going down. After this is 2 more platforms, with a Hogwash high above the first. The second has 17 Bananas with a stop sign-like symbol. After this is the end of the level. Congratulations.