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Unused Kong's model in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat for Game Cube.
Homeland Various

Sub-Species Manky Kongs,
Guerrillas/Chained Kongs,

Leader(s) Donkey Kong
Affiliations Animal Buddies,
Brothers Bear,
Banana Birds,
Mushroom Kingdom
Enemies Kremling Krew,
Tiki Tak Tribe,

A Kong is a unique anthropomorphic species consisting of various different primates resembling either apes (i.e. gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans, or gibbons), or monkeys (such as spider monkeys or baboons).

The term "Kong" is also generally used to describe the primate species, it is not a surname, similar to other species from the Mario Bros. game series, such as Toads. The Kongs are often plagued by the crocodilian reptiles known as the Kremlings, the extra terrestrial magical pig named Wizpig, sentient hypnotizing wooden instruments with bee-like behavior called the Tiki Tak Tribe, and home-seeking vikings called the Snowmads.

Concerning their lifespans, there is a chance Kongs age drastically faster than humans and even faster than their supposed real-life counterparts, probably explaining why Mario and Pauline do not appear to have aged, while Cranky went from middle aged in the classic Donkey Kong games to elderly in the game Donkey Kong Country. This contradiction has not been given any official explanation.

Junior was seemingly youthful in the games Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong Jr. Math and is an all grown up Kong in the games Super Mario Kart and Mario's Tennis[2] as he is now classified as a Heavyweight.

As for Tiny Kong, she is a child with a shrinking ability in the game Donkey Kong 64, whereas in the game Diddy Kong Racing DS, she had an apparent growth spurt, becoming fully grown compared to her elder sister Dixie Kong.

In the game Donkey Kong Country 3, Dixie and Kiddy Kong are simply referred to as Kongs by various characters when they are together, like the quintet of the Kong Family in Donkey Kong 64 are called Kongs by Snide or the Kong Krew.


Physical Appearance[]

While it is common that most Kongs appear to be apes, Kongs such as Diddy Kong resemble spider monkeys[3], and other simian figures. A likely explanation is that for Kongs "ape genes" are more dominant traits while "monkey genes" are recessive traits. Baby Donkey Kong has a short monkey tail that (because of his young age) has yet to grow despite the youngling seemingly looking closer to that of a gorilla (alternatively, Donkey has an ancestor that happened to bare a resemblance to a monkey and the genes skipped generations).[citation needed]

The anatomy of Kongs varies with race. Gorilla Kongs are large, bulky, and a bit stubby, whereas more monkey-like Kongs are smaller in width.

Fur color in Kongs varies, from shades of brown, to red, to even blonde colors. Some Kongs can have hair on their heads, and that hair can be a different color from their fur (this has mostly been seen in female Kongs, with Swanky Kong being the only male exception thus far).

Kongs can choose to wear clothes. It is not mandatory, as characters like Donkey Kong can walk around wearing nothing.


Kongs are highly intelligent (similarly to humans), as they are capable of human speech and skills, such as driving, math, engineering, and many other things. They are capable of running their own businesses as well.


For the most part, Kongs live on Donkey Kong Island, but they have lived on other lands too, such as The Fruit Kingdoms, Sun Sun Island, the Mushroom Kingdom, and even cities like Big Ape City. Lanky Kong is said to come from Utan Island.[4] This island has never been seen, but judging from its name, it is home exclusively to orangutans.

List of Kongs[]

Here's a list of all known Kong characters that have appeared or been mentioned throughout the Donkey Kong and Mario game series, and spin-off titles, as well as the Donkey Kong Country animated series, in alphabetical order.



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