Common Kong
Leader Donkey Kong
Homeland Donkey Kong Island
Sub-Species Manky Kong
Chained Kong
Affiliations Animal Buddies
Brothers Bear
Banana Birds
Mushroom Kingdom
Enemies Kremling Krew

Tiki Tak Tribe

A Kong is an ape or monkey species capable of speech and creating houses. The Kongs willingly wear clothes and some even have hairstyles. "Kong" is generally used as a term to describe primates. They are often plagued by the crocodilian Kremlings. They all live on Donkey Kong Island, although Kongs that are not affiliated with the Kong Family live in other lands such as The Fruit Kingdoms, Sun Sun Island or the Mushroom Kingdom.

Kongs have been known to surf, drive, manage museums and have many more connections to humans.

In Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong are called Kongs when they are together by various characters. The quintet of the Kong Family in Donkey Kong 64 are called Kongs by Snide.

Notable Kongs


A promotional image for Donkey Kong 64.

Sub-Species of Kongs