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ExitIsNearSign Koindozer Klamber ExitSign
World(s) KAOS Kore
Type Jungle
Music Theme(s) Jungle Jitter

Bonus Room(s) 2
Notable Feature(s) Only stage to feature koindozers.
Enemies Encountered Koindozers, Krimps, Bazukas, Re-Koil
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Koindozer Klamber, (コインドーザーの森 Koindōzā no mori in Japan), is the fourth stage in KAOS Kore found in the game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. It is preceded by Lightning Lookout and followed by Poisonous Pipeline.


This stage is the home to the Koindozers and is also the only stage and appearance they ever make in Donkey Kong Country 3. They are invincible and they must be avoided by jumping, running, etc. They quickly move when they spot the Kongs after them. They can also be helpful sometimes like when their shield is up, it can help Dixie and Kiddy reach higher areas.

Collectibles and Secrets[]


Special Barrels[]

Bonus Areas[]

  • After encountering the first Bazuka, the Kongs must climb a konveyor rope and jump to the left at the bottom of the konveyor rope that will lead them to a Bonus Barrel hidden in the trees.
  • After encountering the first Re-Koil, the Kongs need to find the nearest Koindozer and stand on it a use their team-up move to reach the Bonus Barrel.

DK Coin[]

  • Near the end of the stage, The Kongs will find the Koin with the DK Coin and there will be a Bazuka shooting regular Barrels at the Koin. Then Dixie and Kiddy must jump to the S Barrel, changing the barrels the Bazuka fires in Steel Kegs. Afterwards, they will find that the Koin has been defeated and they can obtain the DK Coin.