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Title card for the episode.

Klump's Lumps is the fifteenth episode of the Donkey Kong Country animated series, as well as the fifteenth episode of the first season.

Dixie Kong is searching in the jungle for her lost pet lobster Thermidor, when she hears movement in some nearby brush. Thinking it to be Thermidor, she runs over, only to see it is Diddy Kong (asking her, "and since when do I look like a pet lobster?") She asks if he found the lost pet, but Diddy states that he hasn't; Donkey Kong also comes in, stating the same thing. Donkey suggests to the saddened Dixie that they can buy another pet, but Dixie states that she doesn't want another, that it would run off too.

At King K. Rool's lair, K. Rool asks General Klump how long he has been after the Crystal Coconut; Klump states that it is "as long as he can remember, but cannot remember how long that is when he is asked. K. Rool then furiously tells him that he will not stand another failure. Klump tells him that his latest plan will not fail, but only shows K. Rool an exploding barrel. He explains that his plan is cause chaos at the barrelworks, and begins to explain what will happen when it is opened while actually removing the lid of the barrel. K. Rool worriedly asks Klump if the barrel was defused, and it explodes. The king is angrily fed up with him, and tells him that he has been "degeneralized," and angrily exiles him from the base. As he leaves, Krusha gives him a friendly stare, but the king yells at him for doing so, and the lizard turns around; he also looks at him crying for a slight second as Klump exits.

In the forest, Dixie Kong is crying over losing her pet and comes across Klump, who is sitting on a log crying. He notices Dixie Kong and tells her to "quit spying on [him]," but she instead asks him why he is crying. Dark clouds roll over the island as he tells Dixie (in song) that he has no friends, but Dixie tells him that she will be his friend.

Later, Diddy, Donkey, and Cranky are all surprised to see that Dixie had brought Klump with her to the old ape's house. She explains the situation to them and convinces them to let him stay (with Klump even promising to protect the Crystal Coconut), and although they are skeptical, Cranky allows him to join their side. However, Klump instantly falls out of the tree while stating that he will make them proud and Dixie rushes off to help him. During this time, Cranky and Diddy force Donkey Kong to let Klump live with him, much to his misfortune.

Back at base, Krusha has been promoted to the rank of General. K. Rool notices a group of barrels he knows are explosive barrels, and tricks Krusha into opening one to see if they are or not. He opens the barrel, and it explodes; the king is excited to see that Krusha will blindly obey him.

Cranky rushes out of his cabin upon hearing a trumpet blaring, thinking that they are under attack. Donkey Kong hears this too and is running toward the cabin, with Diddy heading in the same direction but taking an alternate path. The three ram each other at an intersection, with Klump, who was the one playing the trumpet, telling them to "say 'morning' to a bright, new, glorious day!"; The Kongs simply moan in response. He states that breakfast will be ready soon before falling off the bridge once again. Dixie rushes in and, upon hearing Cranky complaining and seeing Klump on the ground, tells him that "he was only trying to help." Donkey Kong advises that it will probably take some time to get used to Klump and receives glares from Cranky and Diddy.

King K. Rool and Krusha are riding through the tunnels on a mine cart, K. Rool asking if they are heading to the location of an evil invention; Krusha, however, tells the king that he simply wanted to drive a mine cart. King K. Rool tells him that being his general involves making plans to steal the Crystal Coconut, and tells him to turn left to go back to the base for brainstorming; when Krusha is told that he is right by saying to turn left, he mistakes this for K. Rool telling him to turn right, and crashes the cart.

Outside Cranky's cabin, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong notice Klump fixing up the Trigger Barrels outside Cranky's cabin, and they also see Cranky heading back home. Proud of his work, Klump leans on one of the barrels, pressing it down fully and activating the trap. Cranky, who is on the bridge, is flung into the air by one of the boards. He runs off in response, and once again falls off a ledge. Dixie goes to his aid, while Donkey Kong repeats what she said earlier. Diddy says to tell Cranky that "when he comes down out of orbit".

K. Rool, meanwhile, is back at the base and listening to the ridiculous plan Krusha is coming up with. He tells him to stop, and asks what his plan has to do with getting the Crystal Coconut; Krusha simply says "Co-co-nut?" in response, and the king suddenly starts missing Klump. He wonders what became of him, and Krusha tells him that he heard from their spies that he is living with the Kongs. He is excited to hear this, and starts going wild; (followed by Krusha doing the same) he tells himself that the "non-person" has enacted the perfect plan without realizing it.

At Donkey Kong's hut, Klump is busy trying to fix the ape's elevator while Dixie is commending him for trying to fit in. He tells her that he thinks the others are starting to like him, and tells her that he has never had friends before. Donkey Kong arrives, and Klump tests the elevator, but this simply causes the barrel to ricochet very rapidly between the spring sending it up and the stopper.

That night, at Cranky's cabin, the three Kongs are discussing all the problems they have had with Klump, and they eventually unanimously agree that he should leave; they tried to let him stay, and it isn't working for them. Donkey Kong decides to tell him in the morning, but Klump is listening outside. He walks away sulking, and nearly falls off another ledge, but stops himself at the last second and continues on his way.

In the morning, Dixie encounters Klump near Donkey Kong's hut, and he tells her that he is leaving, the reason being the same thing the Kongs said last night: he simply doesn't belong with them. The two part, both still sad; from outside his hut, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong watched the incident.

Klump walks into the jungle, saying goodbye one last time to Dixie, and encounters King K. Rool. He begs for his position back, and the king accepts, but only on the condition that he betrays the Kongs and steals the Crystal Coconut. Klump is conflicted at first, but is convinced by K. Rool to go through with the plan. K. Rool is excited that the group is back together, but Klump is saddened by the fact that he has to betray his only friend.

While Dixie is sulking in the jungle (and singing about her situation), she is encountered by Klump. The general tells her that K. Rool's plot is to blow up the barrel factory. She asks why he told her this, though he explains that he is still trying to help them, the same thing she told the others before,and that if King K. Rool knew he was telling Dixie this he'd turn Klump into a new pair of boots,and also said that he'd never lie to a friend. She believes him, and runs off to tell the others, and Klump is saddened by the fact the he lied to his only friend; K. Rool's plan is to steal the coconut while the apes are protecting the factory. K. Rool is secretly watching the encounter, and commends the general for his part in the plan.

Donkey and Diddy arrive as soon as they get the message from Cranky; all three are hiding behind a wall of the barrelworks, staring at an explosive barrel which, according to Cranky, will blow up if they approach it; he believes it to be placed there by K. Rool, and states the source of the information. They decide that the only way to get rid of the barrel is to blow it up, and the way to do that, they decide, is to move it out of the way; Donkey Kong is chosen to do this.

Back at Cranky's cabin, Klump is about to take the Crystal Coconut, but is stopped by Dixie, who is mad at him. Klump wants to explain himself, but cannot. At the factory, Donkey Kong takes the barrel and throws it a long distance away; they figure out the bomb was a dud when it doesn't go off. The Kongs then hear Dixie screaming; the sound is resonating from Cranky's cabin, and is part of Klump's plan to get Donkey Kong to the house. However, he sees the king, who is hiding behind a fake bush on the other side of the bridge, and runs over to him, not wanting to keep him waiting. K. Rool asks where the coconut is, and Klump explains that he was outnumbered. The king doesn't believe him, stating that Dixie is the only one inside, but Donkey Kong suddenly arrives, stomping one of the Trigger Barrels. Before the trap can launch them, the Kremlings leap off the bridge.

The coconut's case is closed once more, and the Kongs state that they should have known better than to trust Klump in the first place. Donkey asks Dixie if she will be okay, and she tells him that she will be. The next day, in the forest, Dixie is still sad, but is excited when she hears a snapping noise; her pet lobster Thermidor has returned. She finds him in a container, with a note attached, saying "To Dixie. Thanks"; however, "thanks" was spelled "Thanx". She quickly figures out that it was Klump who did this, and leaves with Thermie. In a nearby bush, Klump overhears everything, and is crying to himself.


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