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Kleever's artwork from the game Donkey Kong Country 2.
Alias(es) Kleever (in DKC 2),
Kleaver (in DKL 2)
World(s) Crocodile Cauldron (in DKC 2),
Krem Cauldron (in DKL 2)
Residence(s) Kleever's Kiln (in DKC 2),
Kleaver's Kiln (in DKL 2)
Species Sword

Affiliation(s) Kremling Krew,
Kaptain K. Rool
Powers/Abilities Throwing fireballs,
Throwing forward Wooden Barrels containing Kannonballs inside (only in DKL 2),
Resistance against lava,
Pursuing enemies,
Thrusting forward,
Slashing at close range rapidly
Enemies Kong Family,
Diddy Kong,
Dixie Kong
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest,
Donkey Kong Land 2
First Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (for SNES) (1995)
Latest Appearance Donkey Kong Country 2 (for GBA) (2004)

Kleever, or Kleaver, is the boss of the world Crocodile Cauldron of the Crocodile Isle in the game Donkey Kong Country 2, the boss of the world Krem Cauldron in the game Donkey Kong Land 2, as well as the second boss in both games. It is a large, floating sword capable of throwing fireballs.


Donkey Kong Country 2[]

In Donkey Kong Country 2, the boss can be found in the stage Kleever's Kiln at the end of the world Crocodile Cauldron. Kleever starts the first phase of the battle by rising from the lava being held by a fiery hand. The boss will throw a series of three fireballs at the Kongs. After the heroes have avoided the attack, a Kannonball will fall down over the same platform they are stepping on. The primates must pick up the projectile quickly and throw it at Kleever before the sword resumes its fireball attack. If the player misses the target or the current Kannonball is lost, they just need to avoid more fireballs until the next Kannonball drops from the top of the screen. By successfully hitting Kleever, some hooks will appear above the boss and the central lava pit of the stage. The Kongs must jump between them in order to move across the pit and reach the right edge of the arena while running away from the boss and its fireballs. At the other edge, another Kannonball will be waiting for the primates. They must throw it at the boss again while avoiding more fireballs. After hitting Kleever again, more hooks will appear, forcing the heroes to move back towards the left side of the stage. As soon as they have reached the platform at the left edge, there will be another Kannonball on it. After harming the boss for the third time, Kleever will sink into the lava slowly, ending the first phase of the battle.

At the beginning of the second phase, Kleever will suddenly appear from the lava, floating in the air and moving towards the primates. The sword will stop before the heroes for a few instants, and use a single thrusting attack. This attack can be avoided by the player using good timing and jumping over Kleever. Soon, many hooks will appear above the lava pit, staying there until the end of the battle. The Kongs must use these hooks now and move towards the platform at the right side of the arena, where there is another Kannonball. The boss will keep pursuing the heroes, trying to use the thrusting attack again in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of Donkey Kong Country 2, or using multiple quick slashes at close range in the Game Boy Advance version of the same game. After reaching the projectile at the other edge, the primates must throw it at the boss. Similar to the first phase, if the Kannonball is lost, the player just needs to avoid contact with Kleever until the next one falls down over the same platform. Soon after being hit again, the boss will start to use quick slashing attacks while pursuing the heroes. These attacks are at close range and they will last for a few seconds. In order to avoid them, the player must escape by using the hooks again, and move towards the left edge of the stage. Despite the slashing attacks forcing the Kongs to move quickly between the hooks, it is advisable to not outrun the boss, because the next Kannonball will only drop down after Kleever stops the current attack pattern and resumes to pursue the primates using the previous thrusting attacks. After reaching the Kannonball and throwing it at the boss, Kleever will repeat the slashing attack pattern and the Kongs must escape again towards the right side of the arena. The next Kannonball will drop down there, and the heroes must deliver the final attack on the boss. Kleever will be defeated after receiving a total of six hits, and its blade will break into pieces, while the kilt spins around in the air, spitting lava until it sinks into the pit below the stage.

There are two Banana Coins floating at the upper right corner of the arena. They can be collected only during the second phase of the boss battle, and after the hooks have appeared above the central lava pit. In order to get the coins, the player must make Dixie Kong to reach the highest hook at the right side and use her Helicopter Spin move to fly towards the collectables at the right edge.

After beating Kleever for the first time, the primates receive a Kremkoin, and they can access the next location on the island, the world Krem Quay.

Donkey Kong Land 2[]

In Donkey Kong Land 2, the boss now called "Kleaver" is present in the stage Kleaver's Kiln, located at the end of the world Krem Cauldron. Kleaver starts the first phase of the battle by throwing two fireballs forward, followed by a Wooden Barrel. The Kongs must avoid the projectiles and bounce on the barrel in order to reveal a Kannonball. They also must grab the object and throw it at the boss. If the player misses the barrel or loses the Kannonball, they just need to keep avoiding fireballs until the boss throws the next Wooden Barrel. In fact, if the Kannonball is hit by a fireball, the item will just fall on the ground right where the main character is positionated, making very easy to pick it up again. After the player is successful in hitting Kleaver, the boss will sink slighty and spin over the same place for a few instants, while multiple Krockheads emerge from the lava pit of the arena. Now, the heroes must jump over the boss and use these enemies as stepping platforms in order to move towards the right edge of the stage. However, the Kongs must be quick because Kleaver will pursue the primates trying to harm them by executing slashes at close range, and the Krockheads will submerge if the player takes too long to traverse the pit, making impossible to progress the battle. Soon after the heroes reaching the right side, Kleaver will arrive next to the edge of the platform and repeat the attack of throwing two fireballs and a Wooden Barrel. The Kongs must bounce on the barrel again and throw the Kannonball inside at the boss. More Krockheads will emerge from the lava again, it indicating that the heroes must return to the left side of the arena.

After arriving at the previous platform, the second phase will begin. Kleaver will stay next to the edge of the platform for a few instants, and use a single thrusting attack, trying to harm the Kongs. The attack can be avoided by the player using good timing and jumping over the boss. Soon afterwards, a loaded Kannon will appear at the left corner of the platform, and Kleaver will move back and forward at the top of the screen, above the same object. The player must move close by the Kannon and use good timing to press the "B" button in order to shoot a Kannonball upwards, hitting Kleaver. If the player misses the shot or takes too long to activate the Kannon until it disappears, the boss will just float towards the edge of the platform, use its thrusting attack again, and repeat the pattern envolving the Kannon. After the projectile hitting the boss, more Krockheads will appear on the lava pit, forcing the heroes to move towards the right side of the arena quickly before these enemies submerge or Kleaver catches up the Kongs. There, the boss will use its thrusting attack again, and another loaded Kannon will appear at the right corner. The player must press the "B" button next to the Kannon and successfully hit the boss for the second time. After receiving a total of four hits, Kleaver will be defeated by disappearing below the screen.

Having defeated Kleaver once, the Kongs earn a Kremkoin. The following world, Krazy Kremland, also becomes accessible for them.


Donkey Kong Country 2[]

Donkey Kong Land 2[]



  • There are some slight differences in the stage Kleever's Kiln between the SNES and GBA versions of the game Donkey Kong Country 2.
    • As opposed to the SNES version, in the background of the boss arena of the GBA version, flashes of lightning can be seen and heard at regular intervals. However, when replaying the same boss stage after paying ten Banana Coins to Swanky Kong and trying to set a time record for clearing it, the same lightning effects are no longer present in the background.
    • After Kleever being hit once by a Kannonball, the boss will flash between its regular colors and a red glow. In the SNES version, that effect will last for the entire duration of the following attack of the boss. However, in the GBA version, the same effect will stop soon after Kleever being harmed.
    • By the primates throwing Kannonballs at the edges of the stage in the SNES version, the projectiles will bounce on the terrain and fall off the screen or into the lava. In the GBA version, however, Kannonballs thrown at the edges just bounce back towards the heroes, falling on the ground, allowing the Kongs to grab them again.
  • In the GBA version of the game Donkey Kong Country 2, at the beginning of the battle against Kerozene, the boss of the world K. Rool's Keep, he uses four floating swords resembling Kleever to attack the primates twice. These swords are slightly smaller in size when compared to Kleever, and each of them is defeated by the heroes throwing a single Kannonball at them.
  • Kleever being held by a fiery hand rising from lava in the game Donkey Kong Country 2 may be a reference to the legend of King Arthur[1]'s Excalibur[2] and how it was held by the Lady of the Lake[3] with her hand rising from the water.