Full Name Kasplat
Aliases None
Residence Formerly: Crocodile Isle
Family None
Species Kremling
Sub-Species Kritter
Gender Male
Affiliates Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Creating shockwaves through ground pounding
Enemies Kong Family
Games Donkey Kong 64
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Kasplat is a Kremling member of the Kremling Krew as the protector of the Blueprint pieces in Donkey Kong 64. He appears in many levels, with the exception of Hideout Helm).

Physical Appearance

Kasplat is blue muscular Kremling with red eyes, a yellow nose, a yellow belly and purple hair.

His outlift is sunglasses, black gloves, a black vest with pockets and black boots with brown shoelaces.


He is called by King K. Rool where he meets with Klump and chief technician to steal Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard, which consists of two hundred Golden Bananas, and imprison the other Kongs, so as to buy time and distract Donkey Kong while the Kremling Krew repairs the damaged Blast-O-Matic.

As an enemy, Kasplat attack by either close combat or hitting the ground, which sends shockwaves out at a relatively wide radius. When he are defeated, he will leave behind a blueprint. Kasplat's hair and shockwave color show which Kong's blueprint they have (yellow for Donkey Kong, red for Diddy Kong, blue for Lanky Kong, purple for Tiny Kong, and green for Chunky Kong).

Before entering the Creepy Castle. A Kasplat had his punishment ordered by K. Rool for losing some blueprint pieces by a massive red Klaptrap to execute him.


  • Kasplat is third blue muscular Kritter along with Krusha and first Kremling with hair.
  • Although his hair and shockwave has several colors from color codes, He has been shown in cutscenes to have purple hair.
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