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Squitter trying to reach a high-up platform.
World(s) Great Ape Lakes
Type Factory
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Enemies Encountered Sneeks, Kobbles, Re-Koils, Krumples, Bazukas, Karbines, Koin
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III

Karbine Kaos, (ファイアーボール カービン Faiābōru Kābin in Japan), is the twenty second level in Donkey Kong Land III and the fourth in Great Ape Lakes. It comes after Deep Reef Grief and before Simian Shimmy.


This level takes place in a factory where Sneeks, Kobbles, Re-Koils, Krumples. Bazukas and a newly introduced enemy, Karbine can be found. These Karbines try to burn Dixie and Kiddy with their steaming hot fireballs. If not careful, they can get injured by these fireballs. To make things even more tricky, boiling lava pools can also be found in this area. They can be avoided by clinging on to tightropes. Luckily for them, Squitter aids the two of them in the first half of the level. His web platforms can also be used here to reach hard-to-reach areas and cross the lava pools.

Collectibles and Secrets[]


  • DK Coin: After Dixie and Kiddy go down the first gap past the Star Barrel, they must go to the left down the gap until reaching a boardwalk on the left. Then, the two must pass a Bazuka and a platform until seeing a Steel Keg and a Koin. They must then pick up the Steel Keg and throw it on a nearby wall with it being the opposite side that Koin is facing to collect the DK Coin.

Bonus Areas[]

  • First, Dixie and Kiddy must become Squitter by going into the Squitter Animal Barrel located shortly after the Star Barrel. Then, the two Kongs must go up a small-spaced gap upwards. Squitter must then use its webs to go upwards, pass a Bazuka and find the Bonus Barrel. Here, Squitter must use his webs to cross molten lava while avoiding Buzzes until finding the Bonus Coin at the end.
  • Near the letter N, the two monkeys can find a barrel that shoots them onto a tightrope on which they must cling onto. When finding a nearby piece of land, the two Kongs must jump onto it, continue going left until finding a Bonus Barrel leading them to a Bonus Level. Here, the two monkeys must collect some stars in a Rotatable Barrel in a limited amount of time. When done collecting all of the stars, the two must go to the far right where the Bonus Coin can be found.


  • Despite its name, there aren't many Karbines that can be found in the level. This similarly happens to Bazuka Bombard where there are not many Bazukas.